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Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Bozo and the Bimbo: thoughts on a possible Republican Presidential Ticket in 2016

The Bozo and the Bimbo:

thoughts on a possible Republican Presidential Ticket in 2016

I had some thoughts about the upcoming Presidential campaign season.  I titled them "THE BOZO AND THE BIMBO" after I got to thinking what a season of laughs a Carson / Palin ticket would bring.

I began smiling as I thought about some of the stupid things Ben Carson has said. Things like prison makes you gay.  Being gay is a choice and a lot like having sex with animals.  Or how the U.S. is like Nazi Germany and everyone agreed with him. Those who made that observation during the Vietnam war were met with hostility instead of flag waving cheers and belching accolades at the local VFW watering hole. I'm sure there must be more Carson witticisms to come which will bring a laugh to a nation that needs something to laugh about.

When thinking about that I wondered who would make a good running mate for him.  Who would complement his style and grasp of information and the complexities of national and foreign affairs?  Sara Palin of course!  She's is his most obvious equal. 

Can you imagine the hilarity attending the campaign of such a pair of aspirants to the White House? It would resemble a Smothers Brothers comedy sketch!

Suppose Carson is asked if Australia should be allowed in NATO and he answers.  "If they are not already in NATO they should be.  You know NATO is not my strong suit, but golly gee they're our friends if they want in I'm all for it."  Guess where he picked up the phrase "golly gee".

At this point Palin pipes up and says "I can't see Australia from my back porch but I know where it is." After saying that she points down to the ground on which she is standing in her lizard skin stiletto heels. "I believe in Australia even if I can't see it."

There is an endless possible range of malapropisms that these two political geniuses can come up with which will keep the nation in paroxysms of laughter.

A sobering thought occurred while writing this.  We may laugh but suppose the Carson / Palin ticket is just a diversion to make Hillary look better and we end up with her as President? This is not out of the realm of possibility if you remember the Mccain / Palin campaign which gave us Barack Obama who now requires everyone to have health insurance and lets the insurance companies double their rates at will. While we may laugh at a Carson / Palin ticket let's not forget this is a life and death matter for 99% of the American public.

What are the American people to do? Perhaps we should all just write in our own names on Election Day and fix things up ourselves.

Power to the People

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