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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Bird Brain and other art From February 2015

"Bird Brain" is what I call the first image below.  I was surprised how this result came from the materials on hand.  You can see what I began with above. I called it 'me doubled' because that is basically what it is.  It was fun to work with. I surprised myself when "Bird Brain" resulted.

I began with a face from a photograph of my own face.  I just began to doodle and morph the original image and the face gave me a number of different 'looks'. I made a few in this series.  Each one has it's own individual 'feel' to it.  

"Beginning to End" is the name of the video below. 

"The Haves and the Have Not's."

"Chapel of the Last Resort" is a whimsical, dark, look for meaning in life but ends on a positive note.

Art and video by David H. Roche (C) 2015

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

A Christian's Prayer (poetry)

I had to write this poem today.  For better or worse it is written.   I wrote it after a conversation with someone who calls herself a Christian.  She wanted to know why I helped someone when I always ran out of money before the end of the month.   

A Christian Prayer

Let me share your burden,
I think of it as mine.
I know it's heavy.
It might crush the both of us,
but let's try. 


As I  thought of her remarks this wonderful song by Eric Clapton came to mind.  "Have You Ever Loved A Woman?"

and after that the sentiments of Jesus of Nazareth spoke to me.  Read them below.

"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man

lay down his life for his friends." 

Poetry and photography by David H. Roche 

(C) 2015

Let's Build A Pipeline, Let's Burn Some Oil

Let’s build a pipeline, let’s burn some oil, let’s foul the air and water, we’ll be rich.  Keystone XL pipeline advocates tell us damage to the soil, clean air and water have been over-hyped.  

According to George W. Dumschitz, current president of the Keystone Pipeline For Prosperity Information Clearing House and Propaganda Center, fresh air, potable water and unpolluted farm land are not necessary.  

Dumschitz delivered the following words to an eager group of investors today: “Yes the ideas of fresh air, and clean water sounds nice if you’re living in the past. But we've gone way past the stage in human civilization where we need to depend on something as unpredictable as nature. Mother Nature is our enemy and we are at war with nature and this is a war we will win. It is a war we must win.”

Dumschitz went on to elaborate.  “The informed citizen of today is aware of the advancements of science in its quest to put nature in its place.  Today we are at the cusp of a brave new future.  We can kick Mother Natures’ butt and show her the door. Today we have developed filters so efficient you can pour tar sand through them and safely offer the effluents to your children in place of those unhealthy sugary soda drinks they crave.

"As you know”, Dumschitz continued, "we in the science and technology fields have been producing fresh clean air for the growing market. That’s right.  We’re damned proud of the services that we, in our unlimited ingenuity, have devised for the benefit of the human race.  Take our fresh air facility At Pistol Whip Montana as a good example. 

"The facility at Pistol Whip provides 30 percent of the fresh air needs of the entire city of Los Angeles.  This factory provides containerized fresh air at a very reasonable cost. And of course this is a product everyone needs ensuring a high return on your investment in this industry.  This facility along with the half a dozen others now online provide all the fresh air needed for the entire west coast of North America.  Green is not the color of a healthy environment; it's the color of money!

“All the clamor about saving the environment for the future and fears of global warming are a lot of hot air.  Have you seen what Mother Nature decided to do to the Northeast? A little global warming will be good for them wouldn't you say?

“When it comes to food nobody can do it better than the highly skilled scientists in the GMO laboratories today. Many are not aware of this but as I speak the most brilliant minds among us are producing delicious hamburger in the lab.  

"This technology will eliminate the need for using land to raise cattle and allow more drilling and mining activities to go forward.  It will also eliminate the fears of those who weep so loudly about their precious environment supporting our life.  We can “Drill Baby Drill” and “Burn Baby Burn” and we must if we as a nation, a society and a people are going to survive. We don’t need a healthy environment, we need jobs and profit.”
This report of course is not a real news report. It is satire. George W. Dumbschitz is merely a fanciful portrayal of the corporate propaganda machine.   However it seems to me that this report reveals the actual mindset of those for whom the natural resources are seen as a means to profit rather than as a life support system. No one in their right mind really believes that destroying the environment is necessary to promote the well-being of those who live on earth. 

Over and over again the words and images of the poet Allen Ginsberg come to mind as an apt description of those leading us into the future.  “I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness,…”  Have a thoughtful day.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Mortality: a small book of poetry

Below is the title poem, the rest of the 16 poems are in the video.

Poetry by David H. Roche (C) 2015

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Some Thoughts On Peace And War (poetry and art)

     Peace does not come from religions,
      movements or political parties.
      Peace is not a group activity.
      Peace is not the result of law and order or legislation.
      If peace is not inside of you
      there will never be peace outside of you.

Peace is a quality that must come from within.  It is not something which can be mandated from without and it is not something that a group of people agree on.  To have peace on the outside there must be peace on the inside first.  When peace is on the inside it will show itself on the outside.  The process does not work in reverse.

 "Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.  ... Neither pray I for these alone, but for them also which shall believe on me through their word;
 That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us:..." Jesus of Nazareth.

Jesus was not a religious man.  It was the religious folk that hated him because he was not religious.  He understood something about the nature of the human experience that had gotten lost in all the 'right' and 'wrong' characterizations of religion.

What Jesus sought to convey in his teaching of the good news about the Kingdom of God was the fundamental reality that we are all one in God.  Only when the ramifications of being all one in God are understood can inner peace come about. Only when inner peace is achieved by the comprehension that we are all one can outer peace begin to show itself in the world at large. 

I made the video below which I titled Guantanamo.  It depicts the misery of confinement and torture of people.  Both the torturers and the tortured have no peace because peace is not inside of them.  So they wage war and suffer the consequences of the lack of inner peace and the world suffers from endless war.

Poetry, photography, and video 
(C) by David H. Roche 2015

Sunday, January 18, 2015

The G.W. Bush Memorial Clinic (art by David H. Roche)

The war President and world leader G.W.Bush on May 1, 2003 declared "Mission Accomplished".  He intimated that his forces had defeated the enemy in Iraq.  The American public rejoiced.  This was not a long drawn out war like Vietnam.  This war had been a cakewalk. His "Mission Accomplished" speech can be read here in Wikipedia.

It is now generally understood that he did not mean that the war had been won, but that the purposes of the war had been accomplished. The accomplishment spoken of was the introduction of an era of "Endless War".  The following article in counterpunch explains.

Up to June of 2011 the cost of the war on terror was calculated to be in the ball park of $5 Trillion according to Time magazine.  It's a lot more now.

Have you asked yourself: "who received this money from the American Taxpayer?"  Here is a short list of the profiteers from the endless war on terror provided by the Huffington Post.  

This brings us back to the great war President G.W. Bush.  His heroism during the Vietnam war is well documented making him equipped to lead the nation in the war on terror.  You can read from a fellow Texan about the heroism of G.W. Bush during the Vietnam War.  

The President and his declaration of "Mission Accomplished" has led to large profits for a few corporate entities and this is expected to continue for a long time. The invasion of Iraq is the reason for the rising up of ISIS and the continuing of war profits for war profiteers forever. His friends in the various industries will think fondly of him for quite a long time. You can read about this at "The Real".  

It was thinking about this and the result was that I made the following poster commemorating the "G.W. Bush Memorial Clinic."  Just imagine if G.W. had declared a war on healthcare costs!  This is how I envision it would turn out.  "Mission Accomplished." 

You have to laugh.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Gods At The End Of Civilization

I wrote couple poems about current events.  Today the entire world is controlled by the private interests of a few financial institutions.  Recently the United States Supreme Court has said these private interests have as much rights as those who can read these words, drink water and have families they love.  

The court decreed that these private business groups are in fact people with unalienable rights just like living breathing human beings. These newly commissioned 'people' have a loud voice, one which politicians hear and listen to in lieu of hearing other voices to the contrary.

The private business interests are few compared to the masses of ordinary public people.  But yet the private business groups in their private conversations are listened to by those who make the laws and the voices of multitudes of ordinary citizens fall on deaf ears.

There is no longer a class that is "the people" in the ordinary sense.  Now there is the "people" who do not breathe, drink water, get hungry or have families that influence the halls of congress.  The former "people" have been cut loose to go begging.

I wrote the following poems with that thought in mind.

Litany of the Poor and Oppressed
Beseeching the Oppressor

We don't want the things you want,
we want employment
Chorus:  you want profit.

We don't want the things you want,
we want clean air and water.
Chorus:  you want profit.

We don't want the things you want,
we want friends and neighbors
Chorus: you want enemies,
you want profit.

We don't want the things you want,
we want peace on earth.
Chorus: you want endless war

and profit.


May God grant us employment.
May God grant us clean air and water.
May God grant us friends and neighbors.
My God grant us peace on earth.

The poem was written to be read by one person and the refrain "you want profit", or in the case of the last two stanzas the last two lines, to be spoken by a chorus punctuating each stanza.

                    What Does Poverty Mean? 
(Or Did Marie Antoinette Have It Coming?)

Among other things poverty means
eating rice and beans every day,
it means counting raisins and
scrimping on sugar for your oatmeal.
It means asking a friend if she can give you
enough coffee to last to the first of the month,
it means milk, butter and eggs
cost more than you have,
it means toast and peanut butter,
but no jelly.
Poverty defines life,
it narrows and pinches it.
It means late notices,
and power shut off ,
it replaces well-being with despair
and thoughts of insurrection.
Marie Antoinette had it coming…
didn't she?

I put my sentiments into poetry and visual art. 
You can see the  visual art in the video below.
I'm one of the people who need air, water and food to live. I bet you are too.

Poetry and art copyright 2015 
by David H. Roche

Saturday, January 10, 2015

An Artists Look At The End And Re-birth Of Civilization

An Artists Look At The End And Re-birth Of Civilization

While not deliberately setting out to describe the end and re-birth of the human race and civilization that is what appears to have happened in the first 9 days of 2015.

The nation is a success when Wall Street prospers. Wall Street is the cathedral of the God of society. Wall Street makes money by financing war, creating national instability and producing the decay of society.  Wall Street is picking the meat from the carcass of the world.

Lady Liberty is taking her last steps.  So-long, it's been good to know you.

Lady Liberty's last steps.

Art by David H. Roche (C) 2015

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