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Sunday, May 26, 2019

Suffering: a meditation (Poetry)

Suffering: a meditation

A young man parked his car and jumped from the bridge yesterday morning…,
an old man unaware
in the park below
burst into tears
while reminiscing.

The body hasn't been found
but the old man still cries in the park
and the tide keeps coming in
and going out.

© David H. Roche

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Iran In The Crosshairs

You know it's true, 
now it's up to you.

Friday, April 19, 2019

Stars In Your Eyes

I got the idea from something I read 
a long time ago about all of us 
being made of stardust.  
So I began to doodle. 
The video below is the end result.

Stars In Your Eyes

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Political Solutions Are No Longer Working

So I was thinking after listening to this talk (at the highlighted link) by Howard Zinn on the topic of patriotism, government and citizens in a democracy.  His words got me to thinking and then I began to write. Listen to his lecture. 

He's an interesting guy who participated willingly in the destruction of Germany during WW2 and became a historian and social critic afterward. At the following highlighted link is Zinn talking about "Three Holy Wars."

Americans and the rest of the people in the world are in the grip of something that is strangling the life out of them. That something is the current economic organization of society which mandates the present world conditions as a likely outcome of the rules governing the economic system. 

"Grin and bear it, it will get better." we have been told.  The experts are not that hopeful anymore even as the politicians hold rallies and avoid confronting reality by selling promises never meant to be kept.
It's a bitter bread they're baking that we the people are being forced to buy and eat.  

The people who were elected have sold us out. Ninety percent of the time lawmakers give the non-voting donor class what it wants. To support this obvious obfuscation the important decisions at the highest levels of our government have produced a propaganda program that has the characteristics of a madcap party hosted by the Marx Brothers, Albert and Costello and Laurel and Hardy. We recognize that madcap party as the Trump Administration along with it's supporters in congress and out.

People are capable of extremes of behavior. We can make war and we can make peace. Is it possible the present economic system does not hold the possibility of peace? So far it has not worked out. You can see that, right? (Smedley Butler at the link)

If you think your civil rights are still intact it might be a good time to begin using as many of them as you can. At the highlighted link is an audio essay by Henry Thoreau.  Thoreau is an American original. This work on THE DUTY of civil disobedience has inspired many. At one time it was required reading. It was time of war with no end in sight leaving only a horrible past to remember and an even more horrible future to imagine. 

Here we are again.

I'll let Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky leave something for your thoughts about what to do with your civil rights.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

"The April Fools Movement" (worker satire) APRIL FOOLS ISSUE

After posting I encountered this interview with economist Michael Hudson.

The movement began on the first day of January  with a post on the internet by the eccentric and mysterious billionaire from Zambia, Melon Husk, with an offer of forming a world wide workers union. Husk offered to provide a 'bottomless' strike fund to support the workers while they were on strike.  It was a brief message with a web address where workers anywhere in the world could register and join the union. There was no trouble convincing the labor force to join.

The message said: "If you are underpaid, if the quality of your life is not to your liking join the Worldwide Workers International Labor Collective.
The WWILC will make your life better."

At the website the goals of the WWILC were simple. A living wage, completely paid healthcare, affordable housing, ample free educational opportunities, paid vacations, and one year of fully paid maternity leave for each parent.

The idea spread like a virus in a daycare facility and before the first day of March a billion workers worldwide had joined and more were learning about it and joining daily.  There was to be, on the first day of April, a worldwide strike. And so there was.

On April 1 the entire WWILC membership of slightly more than one billion workers did not show up to work. Instead they were on the sidewalks with informational brochures explaining the strike and the conditions which caused the workers to organize. Around the world commerce ground to a halt.

Banks could not open, no restaurants opened, no gas stations opened, grocery stores were closed, the doctor might be in his office, but his staff was not. Every aspect of life that required labor to provide a service was affected.

It was a successful strike that lasted the entire month of April.  Every sweatshop around the world ceased production and when it was over The People had won. The strike came to be known as "The April Fools Movement" and the first day of April is now celebrated annually and the workers lived happily ever after.

If you have not heard the song "Banks of Marble" listening to it may inspire you to rise up and improve your chances which are growing slimmer every passing day.

Friday, March 22, 2019

Mr. and Mrs. Goose

Mr. and Mrs. Goose returned some time around the first of March.  When they began showing up I was pleased to see them again and began bringing out cracked corn each time they returned.

All was well up until a couple of days ago when a second pair of geese landed in the pond and there was a flurry of interaction between the two pairs of geese.

Later that afternoon only Mr. Goose returned.  Mrs. Goose had flown off with the other pair and abandoned him. 

He came just before dark and called and called for her and she did not answer.  I stood in the yard with him as it grew dark while he called over and over again. His voice was like the sound a saxophone with a split reed makes. His cry brought tears to my eyes because no one answered him. It was a lonely, sorrowful, heartbreaking squawking cry and he repeated it over and over before he flew away alone.

This morning a single goose flew overhead I heard it honking and looked out the window.  Mr. Goose has not come for corn today.  I hope he comes back.

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