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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Once Upon A Time: a political fable

Once Upon A Time: a political fable

Almost immediately after the honeymoon of the 2016 U.S. Presidential election was over the nation was ready for a divorce.

At first the Trump supporters of the various Gooberville's in every nook and cranny across the nation responded with unrestrained glee as did the supporters of Trump on Wall Street.  Gooberville is no longer happy but Wall Street is delirious, like a drunken queen hosting a party.

What happened to bring about this cataclysmic change was the waking  up of the electorate concerning the complete sell out of both major political parties to their benefactors in the corporate world. The result left the American people penniless and hopelessly in debt and feeling like they'd been bitch slapped.  Donald Trump and the Republicans and the Democrats joined together to declare the program a success.  But now the people were awake and ready to take charge.

The wake up call came in the spring and summer of 2018 when the electorate gradually became aware that the ideology by which the Republicans and Democrats make decisions with was designed to extinguish the hope and dreams of the common person on Main Street.  This realization was evidenced by the appearance of so called far left ideas, which in common ordinary practice were actually in the dead center.  The dead center being the common areas of human need. Food, housing, employment, and healthcare, just ordinary things people need. Why the Republicans and Democrats have made it so tough on the people is for you to decide. But there is no question the present condition the people find themselves in is due to Republicans and
Democrats making laws.

People did want jobs, did want healthcare, did want college education and most of all they wanted their hope restored and it was plain to all that the Republicans and the Democrats needed to be shown the door in order for hope to peek through the gloom and enter the room.

The flaw that was so carefully disguised in the language of MAGA along with the stoking of the fires of fear with incendiary xenophobic speech suddenly became evident.

It became evident in mass shootings and Nazi Parades and murders by Nazis in the streets of the U.S. many of these incidents done by Donald Trump's followers. Trump's appearance on the world stage has given the nation and the world a big bad bellyache.
As it turned out the American people, enough of them anyhow, came to the understanding that the Republicans and Democrats no longer serve the interests or share the same concerns and neither are they possessed by the same desires as the people who vote. In other words the people determined that neither the Republicans or the Democratic parties give a rats ass about Main Street and the families trying to make a living.  It is evident in the laws they've made and have refused to make.

From the way it looked to the people in the Spring and Summer of 2018 it was time for a change and people from the center spoke up. There were oodles of them all making noise and stepping out of line and taking charge of their own destiny. Hearts were aflame with visions of peace and prosperity for them and their children and grandchildren. It was amazing.  It was like seeing Ezekiel's  old dry bones come to life.  Some of them decided to run for office and there were so many of them their voices were like the sound of many rivers rushing together.

It was glorious and when election day came not a single Republican or Democrat was elected, and never again in a future election was a Republican or Democrat put in office and the people lived happily ever after.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

The Riverbed Hotel: poetry

The Riverbed Hotel
I've made my reservation
in the Riverbed Hotel. 
My blanket
is the outgoing tide,
my pillow,
the ocean's swell.

I have an appointment
I must not fail to keep. 
I'm tired and weary
my body is aching...
and lodging in the Riverbed Hotel
is renowned for a good night's sleep.

© David H. Roche May 20, 2018

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Friends: a poem


I have holes in my soles
and cardboard in my shoes,
it's not unusual…
just another case
of the existential blues.

I'm happy for friends
for whom I've cared
who now bring me help
in my despair,
returning to me
the love I've shared.

You need friends
and I do too
in a village of friends
there's nothing
friends can't do.

Friends are a lighthouse
in a time of storm.
When you have a friend
you've reached the shore.
Friends (C) 2018 by David H. Roche

Friday, May 11, 2018

The Mind of the Wild Geese

Mr. and Mrs Goose flew over the house this morning honking and set down in the street.  
I arose and went out with a cup of seeds.  

When I spoke to them they literally came running to me... which is where the seeds were.

Mr. Goose approaches me sometimes giving me the impression he knows I have seeds for him and the Mrs.  

I can't help but wonder what his thoughts are. Wouldn't you like to know the thoughts, the mind of the wild goose?  

Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Oh Dear, Oh My

The years following the 2016 Presidential election have been, to be kind, different from any that have preceded them. The American people, for some reason, elected a jackass of a man to lead them.

The Presidency of Donald Trump has been like being taken to the carnival by an insane caregiver. The people didn't realize what they had bargained for, but now they have an idea.

It isn't only the American people, but the entire world also is aghast at the behavior of the former self-proclaimed peace loving non-interventionist nation which has been at war for nearly fifty years while keeping the peace! Go figure!

Why is this happening?  The answer is simple.  This is happening due to the pursuit of profit. This type of enterprise has been going on for a long time. Two time medal of honor recipient Marine General Smedley Butler knew about this un-spoken government program long ago.  No one who was supposed to care then actually cared and the same is probably true today. Those who are supposed to care simply have not demonstrated they care all that much about war being a racket. Most Republicans and Democrats embrace war as a source of corporate revenue as this report from Global Research reveals.

Those of us who care are those who have to bleed and die, send sons and daughters to die or come home unable to do anything and then the final insult forced to pay for a continuing for profit war enterprise by working night and day at low paying jobs.  We care. We're fed up and there's a lot of us.

We are on the cusp of the most pivotal moment in the history of the U.S. and perhaps the modern industrial world.  In the upcoming election season we can replace those making laws who simply do not care about 'we the people'.  We must do this if the madness of endless for profit war is to ever end.

We as a people have come to the place where if we do not drive the rats out NOW this generation and the next… on into the endless future are forever doomed to this preposterous situation of endless war for profit. We the people could end homelessness, end the lack  of employment, end the lack of education and end the lack of healthcare if we put an end to wars for profit. We could do so much for each and everyone of us if we had an economy based on profits from peace instead of profits from war.

This next election is a do or die election.  If  the philosophy of the Republican and Democratic parties is not kept from influencing lawmakers we are doomed to fail.  It is the for profit war loving Republican and Democratic philosophies which are the cause of the present miseries on the Main Streets of America. They must not be allowed the privilege of making laws in the future. It's up to the people to stand up and throw the bastards out at the ballot box.

What we need is another government.  A GOVERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE.  The Republicans and the Democrats are not offering that.  All they are offering is bullshit and endless war and WE THE PEOPLE are sick and tired of that Mr. Trump.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Mr. and Mrs. Goose April 28, 2018

"Mr and Mrs Goose April 28, 2018" Photography of a pair of Canada Geese who show up regularly to be photographed. They have been around for years and do not migrate, they just kind of hang out here. The male had a broken wing several seasons ago and he managed to heal but then he decided to stay around.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

I Have An Idea...Organize the Dispossessed

I had an experience with a merchant today that set me off. 
Like many Americans I live hand to mouth after the middle of the month. Returning cans is a necessary part of my household economy.

Today I went to the store I go to almost everyday to buy a six pack of the 2nd lowest priced beer available.
I figured it out. Multiply $6 times  360. 
$2000 dollars a year is approximately what this merchant stands to lose for not taking back my cans. 
I had 50 cans the maximum he and the state allow to be returned. 
One of the cans a neighbor had given me. 
The merchant called me on it because he, the merchant, didn't sell that beer. 
The state law required him to give me the money back. 
It was my right and I did not need to be informed the can had not been bought in his store.
It did not matter.

Possibly I over reacted. 
I said to him. 
"Do you mean your not going to take my cans back?" 
And I left my daily 6 pack on the counter, took my cans and left determining that he would never get another dollar from me.

Problem is I like the people, they're immigrants and hard working people up against the wall trying to stay alive
just like me with all the cards stacked against them...
just like me.

But his willingness to pick out a can not sold in his store was not legal.
He was obligated to give me a refund. 
I'm willing to forgive him. 
I like the guy and his wife.
But this was wrong.

As I think about this I realize it was my economic extremity which provided the impetus for my reaction to someone I liked doing business with.
If the money didn't matter to me I would have shrugged it off and thought nothing of it.
(I need to address this with him which means me eating crow)
But you know it's hard not having a dollar in your pocket
and having to return cans to get a little relief from the reality which society and poverty imposes on ones soul can be humiliating.

This is my experience after having worked my whole life
providing taxes for the continuation of a society
that at the end turned its back on me.
So I'm a little bitter about that.
I'm sure you will be too when you discover
it has happened to you.

Oddly the bible recognizes the necessities
this kind of situation imposes on the victims
and provides a remedy.
Where is that bible thumper Mike Pence arguing loud and long for beer for the poor?
Do you hear him?

My feeling is he has a problem with implementing that part of the bible.
Hanging Gays is OK with Mikey Boy
but beer for the poor, 
no way!

We have lots of beer 
and not so many jobs.
Come on Mike you're making God look bad.

So what am I saying?
I must not be so rash is one thing
because the merchant and I are in a life and death struggle with the same foe.

I must know my rights.
You must know your rights.

I must defend my rights.
You must defend your rights
if you and I wish to have them as rights.

I must be compassionate in the defense of my rights.
If each of us were this way,
forgiving but yet requiring justice,
how would that work out?
Think about compassionate justice.

How would that work out?

I came home with my cans.
A friend bought me a 6 pack after seeing how I had been treated and when I got home I sat down and drank it
and in the process wrote this.

but you know, it's not a solitary howl,
it's a chorus
and those singing make up most of the people on the planet.

I have an idea.

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