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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Ducklings And Mallard Hen At Dusk (video)

Last evening my neighbor called and asked if I had seen the Mallard hen and her ducklings that evening. She was, he said, quacking up a storm. So I grabbed my camera and tripod and what I discovered on the other side of the street is in the video below.


Friday, June 23, 2017

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Syria: some thoughts and some art

I'm appalled at the willingness of humanity to display such anti-human characteristics. In a spiritual sense war is fratricide because in a spiritual sense we are brothers and sisters of one another in a worldwide family. Our fate, at present, is in the grip of principalities and powers that not only lack love but are the enemy of love. Jesus said, "Love your brother like your soul, guard him like the pupil of your eye." verse 25 Gospel of Thomas Nag Hammadi Library.

The ever expanding and ever increasingly unacceptable plague of war spreading over the middle east has a couple prominent explanations.  

One: it is a 'pipeline' war.  

Two: "The massive, direct and immediate power interests of the US war state -- not the determination to ensure that a pipeline would carry Qatar's natural gas to Europe -- drove the US policy of participation in the war against the Syrian regime."

Whichever of the two plans is at play is virtually meaningless. The atrocities directed against human beings are the same whether it be pipeline or power. How you define it is meaningless at that point.

My question is when will the majority of us forbid this kind of behavior by the so called elected democracies that are so much in the vogue these days? 

I am sickened at the Spirit of the Age which requires this kind of behavior.

People are being mistreated, driven from their homes, separated from their families 
and finally having their lives taken from them.  

So I speak.  

Enjoy a bite of a strawberry from my garden.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Pond Scum Meditation

Sometimes there is recognized by those whose minds have encountered the ordinary on a personal basis a subsequent realization that they have encountered the ultimate at the same time. 

I simply set up my camera on my tripod and began to video the interaction of the wind in the middle, the sky above and the insects in front of me. 

The pond becomes a metaphor for the earth which is mostly water. The insects represent us the life that was instructed to be fruitful and multiply. 

all photography (C) 2017
by David H. Roche

Friday, June 16, 2017

I Wonder How The President Is Sleeping (Satire from the peanut gallery)

President Trump, America's overwhelming choice to design and implement the nation's future, has encountered problems requiring him to hire a lawyer to speak on his behalf.  This unexpected glitch has been handled professionally and eagerly by the White House staff who are said to "love the man" and are pleased to have the chance to lick his boots, as this Washington Post article by Chris Cillizza indicates. (remember my article is satire.)  The writer actually reveals a dystopic White House work environment and does it very well.

The President and some of the President's men are now being investigated by Federal law enforcement for possible illegal activities. The investigation is of serious proportions if this New York Times article by Michael D. Shear and Charlie Savage dated June16, 2017 is anywhere near correct. After reading the report The memory of my old dog one hot summer day chasing his tail in frustration and biting fleas came back to me. It remains to be seen if the President can get it together again. Right now it does not look as if he can pull it off.  

This change in the political weather has got to make him antsy. He's not used to this kind of response to his attempts at making America great. It's got to be getting under his skin. I wonder how he's sleeping these nights. All this negative "Fake" press has to get his dander up

He probably asks himself why Americans take the allegations of misconduct so seriously. His alleged model of public service is time honored, having its roots in Tammany Hall. After all, he signed that pipeline deal and he pissed off our European allies and generally made the people of the world feel sorry for the average American that finds himself or herself sick and tired and with little hope in the foreseeable future locked into Trumpdom and waiting for the second shoe to drop.  

Americans are all too accustomed to being screwed by their politicians. But the Trump Administration had taken the screwing to a much higher level. There is some thought the Trump Administration has finally gotten the attention of those it is screwing and that a positive change is likely to come about after the courts see to it the trash is removed.

Those people who have finally caught on are glad to see the President squirm. Thankfully the conclusion has been reached that legal proceedings are the only honorable way to clear the suspicion that the Trump Administration has floated over the nation and the world like an ominous threatening storm cloud.

So what will become of the Trump Administration whose top officials now need lawyers to speak on their behalf? It's not often such enormous scandals have to be dealt with. But the Trump Administration was 'special' from the get go. If Trump has a scandal it is going to be bigger and greater than any other political scandal you can be sure of that. It may be time to stock up on popcorn and beer: the legal proceedings could be long winded.  I know several who are already planning Impeachment Parties, none of them to be held at a Trump Resort.

How will it all turn out? No one knows. It's hard to imagine how bad it can and will become if the courts are unsuccessful. It's terribly bad now and Trump's objectives will make the future unbearable for many if not all of us who already live at the bottom of the barrel and wonder if they will have enough to eat before the first of the month rolls around.  

To this day it astonishes me how the politically abused American citizen could have fallen for the P.T. Barnum of American politics

Maybe next time it will be different.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Two Roses: a video by David H. Roche

I photographed the roses which I have growing in a bucket at the end of the driveway.


Dragonfly: photography of a dragonfly by David H. Roche

I happened upon a dragonfly who had attached itself to a blade of grass. It was a breezy day and this insect clung tenaciously to a blade of grass even after I plucked it. He did not let go until I placed the grass on a chair.   

It's quite a pretty insect.  A number of years ago I witnessed a dragonfly catch another bug in the air. It overtook the other insect and when it came alongside it turned its body 90 degrees and grabbed the other insect with its legs or feet or whatever they are called. It just like turned on its side and grabbed the other insect without missing a wingbeat. 

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