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Friday, August 17, 2012

Drone Systems Inc.

Drone Systems Inc. is offering a domestic product line of its very successful drone combat unit. The unit originally designed for the military as a way of replacing combat troops and eliminating injuries now has an application for the domestic market.

Drone Systems has completely overhauled its military line of combat robot drones to meet the rising needs of the domestic market. Originally intended for the military, the drone robots have all the tools and effectiveness of a military command attack bunker turned toward peaceful means. The domestic product line has been completely retrofitted to the needs of the contemporary American community.

The domestic drone unit is easy to operate and designed for communities of any size, from tiny hamlets to the metropolis. Because of high technology and low labor costs any community can maintain public safety at a 99% savings compared to the average public payroll. The entire force is supervised by one operator from a command bunker. The robot controlled drone public safety agents do not need to be paid and do not require the burdensome expenses for compensation insurance or health insurance. The savings on pensions and wages paid to public employees who simply do not deserve their salaries or benefits will be immense and immediate.

This innovative product will enable any mayor, city manager, county executive or governor to easily balance a worrisome budget and still be able to have a fine Christmas party. All these benefits come about simply by slashing jobs from the public payroll and putting expensive employees on the street.

This robot drone technology when applied to the public sphere is designed to eliminate all but the highest level jobs in governments of any size. Since it has been proven that the working man and women are the problem, eliminating them from the public payroll is the only just and fair thing to do. Making them unemployed has become politically correct. Since they won't work for peanuts, they won't have to work at all.

An additional plus to this technology is that it is easily adapted to the prison system. Communities can now be relieved of the expense of having to pay for someone to watch over the criminals the robots capture. The savings from putting prison employees on the unemployment line amounts to billions of dollars per year nationwide.

Any community can benefit from this product while maintaining the public safety. Putting public employees out of work will result in positive cash flow to any government agency that installs the next generation of drone employee replacements in their city, state or federal government.

Drone Systems Inc. envisions an employee free government bureaucracy with no payroll. You have asked if we can help. Well yes we can. We can end your budget problems now.

Drone Systems Inc. and it's product applications are approved by your Republicrat representative who makes money for us while cutting costs for those managing the economy.

R.A.T. Bastard
CEO Drone Systems Inc.

Social commentary on the tactics of the Tea Party

(C) 2012 David H. Roche

a Clear Running Water state of mind

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Gods Apothecary - Medical Marijuana

I have been learning about the way in which God made this plant fit into the needs of the human being by making the body with welcoming centers in each cell for the chemicals in the plant. The relationship of the healing compounds in the plant and the receptor sites in the human body have been described as those of a lock and a key.

In the video below the remarkable health nurturing properties of marijuana are discussed. You may find the information in this short film helpful and learn that you might be benefited by it.

The video discusses the potential for producing positive results within the body, results sometime not able to be duplicated by readily available medicines. The testimony of the young lady whose joy and enjoyment of life were restored to her is compelling. It is highly recommended that you spend the necessary moments to watch the video.

My personal experience and regard for the efficacy of marijuana arises from having undergone a brutalizing treatment using interferon. I almost died. I experienced a total health decline requiring that I be out of work for 3 months. Before that I lost 35 pounds At 6'2" I was down to 168lbs and unable to eat. I began to be overcome with fits of rage (a listed side effect of interferon) I lost much of my hearing (another listed side effect) I was overcome with suicidal depression ( another side effect) My blood broke down ( another side effect). There is more that happened to me from taking the drug but that is some of the worst.

Finally I couldn't work anymore. I felt like a truck had run me over and then backed over me again. It was the worst I had ever felt in my life. The doctor wanted me to continue treatment even though hope of success was listed as under 40%. My children told me it would kill me and came to the doctors office with me. One son wrote to me when I asked for advice. He told me he felt the medicine would kill me much quicker than the disease. That helped me make my decision. I had taken the cure. I described the results. One thing I left out. Before beginning interferon the viral count was minimal and the body was holding its own. After treatment the viral count has multiplied out of sight. I was too weak to speak for myself. I'm alive today because I stopped the interferon treatment when I did. No thanks to my doctor that's for sure.

I was in New York, a state with outdated and inhumane laws regarding marijuana. If I had tried to medicate myself I would have been a lawbreaker. A person with need of help from this medicine regards the situation as an anti-human activity directed against him.

I made the photo card below from the first photograph at the top of the page. It can be ordered as a poster if so desired. You can order prints by clicking on the image. It's just a little artistic piece designed to be shared and provoke discussion of this essential topic. Clicking the image will take you to where the product can be purchased. The image is more easily seen in the cover picture due to increased size.

The relationship of the plant to the human body brought to view in the existence of receptor sites reminds us of the Creator who made the plant with us in mind. A wonderful theme for meditation. The bond of these relationships is eternal because we live and move and have our being within them and are not able to be separated.

A Christian is fortunate in understanding his body as the temple of God where God lives. Gratitude arises as he recognizes the care of the Creator for him or her personally in crafting the body to receive the healing medicine. Meditation on the themes of the love of God in providing a healing plant and setting the proof deep within us is rewarding both physically and spiritually.

Medical marijuana aids and abets healing of body and spirit. It is time to stop the madness. It is time for society to return to humane principles of governing. Giving the individual the key to his own body would be the first step a society which valued personal freedom would take. Freedom is nothing to fear unless the goal is to control.

Below is a video on the topic of creation to aid your meditation.

All images and Text (C) 2012 David H. Roche

a Clear Running Water state of mind.

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