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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Dystopia Is Us

I found this video "Inside Job" in the list of videos that shows up with my YouTube channel. It's the story of how and who ruined American society and stole the hopes and future of an entire generation all over the world.

This is an in-depth look at the situation we all find ourselves in. I especially enjoyed the interview with Eliot Spitzer. He explained the difficulties with undertaking a successful prosecution, but he explained also the nature of the wrongdoing. I came away thinking that what ordinary people consider crime has actually become a way of doing business and we had better get used to it. It appears these criminals have absolution for all their activities.

At about the 7 minute 20 second mark begins a remarkable revelation. In 2001 when G.W. Bush took office the American economy was virile and healthy. It didn't take me long to remember that when Obama took office eight years later the economy had fallen into the crapper. Those who blame the current administration for this mess make no sense at all.

If you can accept this metaphor, Obama was given a three legged horse, a broken economy. He was told he had been chosen to ride the horse in the Kentucky Derby and that he was expected to win. That's about what it amounts to.

Misconduct allowed and encouraged by previous administrations all came to fruition in Obama's administration. It's clear the man has had precious little cooperation in helping resolve the problems he inherited.

The activities of the elected representatives who have concentrated their efforts on seeing to it that Obama does not succeed are an example of malfeasance. Their crass indifference to the needs of human beings places them in the same category I place people like Stalin and Hitler.

The picture below is symbolic of what has been done to the United States. I snapped this picture on Silver Street, In Fleming New York. I wondered why it was being flown. I figured it must have been some kind of protest. I passed this place every day on the way to work and back and finally decided to take a picture of it.

It is highly recommended that you watch the movie. When you hear people blame Obama for the problems the nation is facing you'll know how to regard that information.

Correct information really does a smack down on it's counterpart. This film explains the situation we as a society are in. It addresses the problem and places the blame where the blame lies.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Signals From The River

Signals From The River

The river fascinates me on many levels. Just its sheer magnitude is awe inspiring. But I feel that its natural wonders are just the surface. The river is an entity, a quality, a metaphor, a presence. Further information at this link.

I regard the river with humbleness. It was here before the cascade mountain range and it will be here after it is re-arranged again. It will be here but changed. The same river but a different river. At the link is a discussion concerning the illusory nature of rivers.

Being in close proximity to the Pacific Ocean the fluctuations of the tide are a commonplace event. Sometimes entire logs will be pushed upstream by the tide. A remarkable sight. Anyone who has piloted a boat on the river knows how difficult the tide can be. The enormous amount of energy exchanged with apparent ease and effortlessness by the universe is apparent every day, twice a day. But as immense as the river and ocean are, something beyond,something other,binds them into an even larger system of interdependent relationships. One can speculate on how long something like this can continue to unravel.

And so it goes, in the most overarching of relationships the interdependence necessary to maintain those relationships is discernible. Nothing can exist in and of itself for very long.

The river is a teacher, Koan, a parable. At the hyperlink is a discussion of the river as a metaphor.

When I came into town the skies were cloudless, the air was warm and breezy. I went to photograph. I always find something that pleases the eye. I found some and brought brought them back to share with you in the video below. Enjoy.

Below is one of the photographs included in the video. It is available for purchase by clicking on the image.

(C) 2012 by David H. Roche

a Clear Running Water state of mind.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Peaches (a poem about enjoying peaches)

I wrote this poem several years ago. Buying peaches recently I remembered the poem and took pictures of the peaches. I had wished to do this previously but had neither the peaches or the software or ability to use the software.

I pulled out the poem today, originally written in 2007 I believe, and edited it to the point it is seen here.


Colors of sunrise in mist
their fragrance
makes me stop
and take one in my hand
as I pass;

soft and fleshy,
sweet juice gushes in rivulets
through my beard
dripping onto my boots


I put together some pictures to go with the poem in the video below.

All work by David H. Roche (C) 2012

a Clear Running Water state of mind

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