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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Daydream on the Lawn (video and art and music)

While relaxing on a hot August afternoon in the flickering mosaic of shadows and sunlight on the grass beneath my cherry tree Sativa Sam appeared.  Sam's a cannabis gnome.  One of many such personalities who travel the planet and bless the marijuana harvests and make sure there's enough for everyone who wants it. 

Some growers will not harvest without Sam's blessing having first been made at the very beginning and again at the harvest. You can imagine this keeps him quite busy.  He told me he had all he could do just to keep on top of the growing situation in Oregon and was probably going to limit his activities to that state.  "I'm tired of traveling," he said. 

Well that was news. So I was surprised to see him show up and besides, I don't have anything to bless. But he said he likes to surprise people by just showing up and sharing what he had found at his last blessing stop.  

 While we shared a bowl from his stash he pointed out the painting on the lawn and suggested I make the video so I did. 

The soundtrack is a composition by Bill Canino titled "Pondering".


Monday, August 22, 2016

Voting For Trump Or Clinton Continues The Legacy Of G.W. Bush and Barack Obama Another Eight Years

For as long as I can remember there has been either a Republican or a Democrat as President.  Those making the laws have also been mainly either Republican or Democrat.  There have been some who call themselves Independents.  I find such a designation to be misleading because all of these so called Independent candidates have been philosophically in line with the capitalist paradigm of the market which is represented by the words "Wall Street". This makes them essentially identical as far as the results they can accomplish are concerned. 

If you cannot remember that it was Wall Street Capitalists that struck the death blow to the U.S. economy you should not be voting, period!

It is the Republican, Democrat and Independent lawmakers that ran to the rescue of the bankers who damn near bankrupted the nation following capitalist principles of finance approved by Republican, Democratic and Independent lawmakers.  Bill Clinton stands accused for his roll in signing the law which gave the nations future to that notorious bunch of no good bastards who have come to be  referred to as 'Banksters'.  Now his wife wants your vote.  I am beside myself imagining the stupidity of a nation that could consider for more than a second Hillary Clinton as President of the United States. I just shake my head thinking of Trump, 'The Peoples Billionaire', and how that reflects on the average citizens knowledge of the history of financial depressions.  There's a little video here that explains the problem.

The internet is buzzing about the size of Donald Trumps Penis. The reason is that Candidate Trump played right into Rubio's ploy of subliminally insulting his manhood.  If you look at it that way Trump comes off looking as credible as Ben Carson.   Here's some mainstream reports revealing the man Trump who wants your vote. 

That Republicans are considering choosing this man to represent the nation should give sober minded Americans a time out to think about what it actually means.  The Republicans have produced a clown show and the Democrats have produced a con job.  Nero is fiddling, you don't have to dance.

So what can a sensible person do?  He or she can realize it is the capitalist principles of the Market and Wall Street that have been served by our Republican, Democratic and Independent  lawmakers and that those principles are the reason the U.S. has failed to serve its citizens faithfully.   In the video at this link is an example from 1929 of how Capitalism and the Banksters go about taking apart a nation.  These videos show how violent the grip of those who control the economy is.  

A sensible person will conclude it is the faithfulness to the needs of those 'Banksters' and Masters of Finance and Capital who hurt us the most and which has turned the American Dream into a nightmare on Main Street.  It is the Bankster sector of society which has stripped the value of everyday life from the hopes of those who live here in America.  These people need to be brought under democratic control and I do not mean the control of the
DNC,  I mean a Democracy of you and me, THE PEOPLE, the ones who eat and drink and mate and breathe air...
you know... real people. Not the corporate assholes confirmed as people by a ruse of law that have turned the world into the way you see it now. If these people are legitimatized by law it means we are ruled by DEVILS!  

A sensible voter will not vote for a person whose life has been in service to those who have hurt America.  A sensible person will not vote for anyone who wishes to help these Masters of Finance.  You might want to ruminate on this piece of information about whom it is the Clinton foundation is benefiting.    Do you really want these people running your life and your world?

This election may be the last hurrah for everyone not in the top income brackets.   

I plan to vote for Jill Stein the Green Party Candidate.  You will notice that you may not see her covered in the political news in the same way that Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton are. There's a reason for that.  

Friday, August 19, 2016

Meet the FUGS; a vintage rock group from the 1960's

I wanted to share this insight with you.  It is a musical insight by a group you may never heard of.  They were called the Fugs. They made their mark in the Era first influenced by the Beats and Andy Warhol and the crazy emerging LSD scene that took over the artistic 'underground' of the lower east side of NY and also went on to influence an entire generation. 

They attempted and failed to exorcise the Pentagon of evil spirits.

The Fugs were the archetypal prophets of a society bent on self destruction.  They were the type of artist group that comes along once in a generation due to the needs of that generation.  In their art they took society by the balls and squeezed really hard. Many laughed and some wanted to help squeeze. SHOULD WE KEEP SQUEEZING?

The Verge has produced some photos of an artistic bushwhacking involving Donald Trump, the obnoxious Republican candidate for President.  You can see those statues which appeared like mushrooms overnight in cities across the nation.  Take a look if you dare.  The artists made the statue with no testicles and a very small penis.  

But, in a lighter tone their sarcasm comes through with a bite. Perhaps the most anguish a person can feel is when someone whom they love rejects them.  The Fugs recorded "Homemade Shit (my baby done left me)" to deal with such circumstances, which I encountered some time around 1969. 

I encountered the Fugs in the record department of a discount department store in 1969.  (around that time) I had never seen anything like that  but I had recently for the first time just taken acid and it and they blew my mind and opened up an entire new way of looking at the world around me and the reporting of the news.  Check them out.

You may find activism like this is needed today. 

There would be more links in this report but when I BING the Beat Generation, LSD and Andy Warhol BING tells me no dice, no can do.  Why the fuck is BING withholding these resources?  I'll leave that answer up to you. For the time being FUCK BING! 

If you have another search engine look up the beat generation, the Fugs, Andy Warhol and the LSD scene of the east village and lower eastside during the period of their popularity. It's a whole other way of looking at things.  See if some search engine allows you to get results on this topic. It's important.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Making Everyday Independence Day One State At A Time

Marijuana advocates have weathered a long hard storm of oppression. First there was a legal system dispensing outright lies. This produced a populace of docile receptors of information input from government experts.  It also produced an entire new class of criminals who were made criminals for their personal choices. The anti marijuana laws were an outright assault on the integrity of the individual when weighed against the priorities of the governments necessity to lie.  Downright scare tactics and deception were the rules when anti drug policy was peddled to the public.

The 'Rockefeller' drug laws were perhaps the harshest in the history of the so called civilized world.  I knew a young man whose father kicked him out of the house over this issue at that time.  I've heard stories from those years that parents, engulfed in the anti marijuana hysteria of the Rockefeller era, turned their kids into the police in the hopes that prison would straighten them out.  I can't document that, but this was the SPIRIT OF THE AGE back in 1970.

How times have changed.  This year five more states will decide by election day whether or not they can trust themselves to use marijuana.  This state of affairs must put a big smile on Willie Nelson's face.

I made the video below as a celebration of Freedom in Oregon for the 4th of July 2016.  Everyday is Independence Day here.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Anguish and Mystery (new video and art)

"Anguish and Mystery" is a short video made from art I made mostly in the last month or two.  It is accompanied by a soundtrack composed and performed by Bill Canino used here with permission.

The theme is one that fills my mind. Why is it the world is so screwed up?   Why does it appear that our lives are nothing more than seeds scattered by the wind against the backdrop of our own puny existence? Why does it seem that the more we try to fix  things the worse things become?  The political answers fail to make sense and the only thing people feel they can do is to vote for one side or the other.

So I'm left with questions.  In view of human history what right do we have to think we can finally get it right and fix the problem? Does our existence mean anything at all if we stumble through life like Albert and Costello and that's all we do?  Is it possible we will never understand each other?  Something to think about anyhow.

And yet the biblical command is to be fruitful and multiply. 

The beat keeps going on and on I guess.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Reunion: a spiritual inquiry (visionary art)

"Reunion: a spiritual inquiry".  Visionary digital art by David H. Roche contemplating the theme of 'being'. 

Inspired, in part, by the story of the 'Prodigal Son' told by Jesus  and recorded in the 15th chapter of Luke in the New Testament.

A soundtrack composed and performed by Bill Canino and used with permission complements the artwork quite well.


Friday, August 05, 2016

The Electoral Farce Of 2016

As it will come to be understood the Presidential election of 2016 was a stage play contrived by the RNC and DNC as a farce, with a bad plot and a cast of characters so unbelievable as to make you grip your sides to keep from hurting yourself while laughing at their comments. The purpose of this political theater was to maintain the illusion that Americans had a choice in selecting their leaders. It is up to you to decide why you were given Dumbos, Bozos and Carpetbaggers to make your selection from.  You may decide to not to decide.

True to form the RNC provided the most obnoxious and unsuitable candidates to select from.  Ben Carson is undoubtedly the most unsuitable candidate in any Presidential election in the history of the United States.  Carson wins the Stepin Fetchit / Buckwheat awards for showing up and smiling and comparing America to Nazi Germany.  Way to whip up the rabble Ben! Where do they get these people? I'm thinking someone left the loony-bin unattended. I'm thinking it was Reagan who opened the doors of the loony-bin in support of the drug industry.  As a highlight to his failed performance as a candidate Carson has endorsed Donald Trump for the office of President. He as taken upon himself the task of making the USA great once more.  I have no idea what he means and I'm not sure its a good idea.  Mediocre is okay with me.

Of course the RNC and their ilk chose the most reprehensible candidate available to them to run for President of the U.S. which is Donald Trump. The overall honor of the worst possible choice went to the Democrats who rigged their process to favor Hillary Clinton and then convinced themselves that everything is on the up and up by allowing her to run for President as a Democrat.  At least the Democrats were ready for battle while the Republicans were left wondering if they had heard their candidate describing his penis or if it had been a bad, really bad dream.

What is making things really embarrassing for the Republicans is that Donald Trump is really just like them minus the veneer of civilization that they cloak their intent with. They feel he is right, but cannot agree because  it would be politically incorrect. What the Republicans are seeing when they look at Trump and are aghast is that they recognize themselves in his sentiments.  When the RNC looks at Trump they are looking into a mirror. The Republicans have not been able to choose a value they can stick with. 

They chose the values of the religious right 4 decades ago and now are giving them up to maintain a voting edge in a world that rejects those values.

Now the Republicans have chosen a man to lead them who is able to insult a mother whose son died defending the nation. Trump can do this because Republicans are no longer mother friendly.  That is something mothers should think about the next time a Republican and or a Democrat wants to start a war. Just say "No more cannon fodder for you Republicans and Democrats." Just when you thought the nation could sink no lower than the Bush / Cheney years... UP POPS TRUMP!  Trump may well be remembered as the Archie Bunker of Presidential candidates.

Of course it takes two to tango.  Clinton is no angel, but she has a couple things going for her that mark her as superior to Trump.  1.  She is not a buffoon. 2.  She's on the side that always wins.  The sheer number of scandals that Hillary Clinton has been associated with but yet remained 'officially' un-tainted by, is enough to make an honest heart shiver.

While Trump is a bozo, a buffoon and a scandal Clinton is more dangerous to the public welfare.  She is like a cancer cell living among healthy cells, or a weasel in a henhouse. Everything she is involved with is tainted by her involvement.  She voted to begin the endless war in the middle east and then when it was dying down kick started it in Libya. Now she wishes to superintend the future she had a part in planning for America.

The people who have supported Hillary Clinton do not have your best interests at heart. Most of those supporting Hillary are for profit corporations whose allegiance is to themselves and their stockholders. Take a look.  Here is a very long list of rich donors who expect reciprocity from Hillary Clinton.  She won't let them down, that's why she is in the position she is in today she's never let those who give her money down.


The 2016 Presidential election is more like a joke, a staged farce.  The DNC is allowed to cheat and the fruits of their cheating are presented as the peoples choice. The RNC is allowed to produce a string of incompetent candidates and then the people are told they have a choice.  You really cannot be thinking you have a choice if you're choosing between two lies! Get real. The people who run this clown show want to keep you as believers.

The RNC raided the looney bin and while Sara Palins luster has worn off two more idiots were available.  The RNC produced Dr. Ben 'crazy talk' Carson and Donald 'dickhead' Trump.  These two outrageous imbeciles joined together to make a mockery of the GOP while lowering the caliber of political debate to a level found in grade school bathrooms.  It appears the RNC may have pee'd in it's own chili.

While some of the antics are funny it may be that there is a reason for the farcical treatment of a Presidential election during the most serious period in American history. Can it be all the hoopla is meant as a distraction?  A distraction from what? Could it be there are 'people' who are profiting from endless war?  If so you can bet Hillary Clinton is their 'Girl Friday'

I can't vote for Trump anymore than I could vote for David Duke. I can't vote for Clinton anymore than I could bring myself to vote for the Devil. (figure of speech). 

There is the Green Party.  What I like about their approach is that they want to produce solutions which make living in society easier for actual human beings rather than the 'corporate people' that are served by the RNC and the DNC.

I'm not optimistic about the chances human beings have to extract themselves from the problems the governments of the world have created.  Let's be clear it is those who make the laws who have created the present reality.  Unless you're happy with the current mess created by the current governments it might be the right time to consider an alternative to the capitalist endless war model of the economy that is at the root of all societies problems.  Pope Francis has spoken on the topic.  The question is out in the open and it's time for the discussion to go primetime. Is it possible the message of the Pope and the message of Eugene V. Debs go well together?  I find it interesting that Bernie's message hasn't moved from the foundational points that he maintained in his campaign.  Bernie's time may be in the future, this year the DNC and the RNC and their partisans have turned their back on him and the people have not yet been awakened.

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