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Monday, October 31, 2016

Pot Is Fun

Be sure to obey all local regulations.

Marijuana once a topic of horror promoted by falsehoods provided by government and law enforcement has had a face change.  Today many states say marijuana is good for you.  On election day 9 more states will decide if their adult population can be trusted to use pot for fun as well as for health. The nice part is that it's the people who will be seizing this freedom back from the same hands that took it from them under false premises in the first place. 

We've come a long way since the Rockefeller laws.  But the fact that these laws have been used to destroy lives for the benefit of society shows us how pernicious, or just plain malicious and anti-human structures of authority and power can become if not kept on a short leash.

Maybe you'll wake up on November 9th a little more free than the day before. And if either the Republican or Democratic candidate becomes President you can get stoned and make the world go away.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Before and After (art and video)

As you know the viability of the earth has been placed in jeopardy by the financial interests of the world and their rapacious desire to extract the earths resources and turn them into consumer items.   At this link is a google search page listing state of the environment reports from multiple nations around the world. Read it and weep. These factors are inextricably linked in a cause and effect relationship at the present time.

All over the entire globe financial backed corporate interests are despoiling the environment and in many cases leaving it unsafe to live in.  Places like Flint Michigan and the jungles of Ecuador have had the quality of life removed.  In the case of Ecuador U.S. courts have agreed that Chevron has little legal responsibility for its actions.

12.6 million people die each year from the effects of their environment. 7 million people die prematurely annually from the effects of air pollution alone. These are deaths caused primarily by industrial activities.  If there were an enemy at war with us killing us off at this rate there would be an alarm raised and the nation would rise up to defeat the enemy. 

That of course is not the case.  We've been trained to trust our institutions so it is with great difficulty we begin to question their veracity.   

One of the most underreported events of this year is the attempt of Americans in North Dakota to keep their land and water in a condition that they can still use it.  

Democracy Now has been doing some first class reporting on this.  If not for their reporting the national discussion on this topic would be virtually absent.  Take a look at the reporting done by Democracy Now on this current attempt to take native land for the interests of capital.

My feeling is that this is a spiritual problem.  It is only a political problem because those in charge are spiritually bankrupt.  But primarily the problem, as I see it, resides in the hearts of the decision makers who have decided to do what they have done.

Well I made a video from some nature photography and art as a citizens complaint about the earth being laid to waste by corporate interests.  You can watch that below.

When you're done take a look at the safety record of pipelines since the beginning of the G.W. Bush administration.  If this track record does not make the pipelines seem as unfriendly interlopers in our environment you can probably never be convinced.  Read it and open your eyes.  Here's what the Keystone Pipeline has managed to ruin this year and it's not even finished.  Below is the video, it is not about the pipeline specifically but about the reasons it is being done. Our way of life is killing us. But we could change our minds if we wanted to. It's up to you. Enjoy my video.

In a sense God provided humanity with a garden and man is doing this to it.  I present this current condition of environmental devastation as evidence of contempt for the Creator. If this was an isolated incident it would not be much of a problem. But it is not an isolated incident it is global in scope and shows no signs of voluntarily ceasing. This means the earth and it's inhabitants are in for a real tough time due to the earth no longer being able to support life.  I guess this current state of affairs is part of what was included in the meaning of the 1960's corporate jingle 'Better Living Through Chemistry'.

 Benjamin Franklin's sentiments seem relevant at this period in history just as they did when he spoke them.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Some Thoughts On The Election of 2016

The 2016 Presidential race has been an unprecedented insult to the American people.  Donald Trump the choice of Republicans has squeezed the pustule of bigotry and its contents have been smeared over the face of the land.  As an ironic side note I found that this years Republican Party Platform resembles the platform of the Know Nothing or American political party of the 1800's.  This is just another irony in the farce of the 2016 Presidential election. It's time for Common Sense.

Meanwhile the Democrats have provided us a candidate in Hillary Clinton who has the attitude that the average American cannot be told the truth but that large financial institutions can be told the truth.  

Donald Trump has said the election is rigged casting doubt on the integrity of the electoral process. The media is aghast that such a thought could be uttered. But former President Jimmy Carter has spoken about the form of democracy in the U.S. today and is reported on in this Salon article.  The former President is quoted as saying:   "America at the moment does not have a functioning democracy,"

Let that thought sink in.  

I am appalled at the audacity of the media and the political establishment in making the idea of a 'rigged' election seem like some kind of thing that should never cross the mind of an American.  

The sentiments of the founding fathers seem to have been dropped from the meaning and intent of the democratic process.  We are now asked by the media to trust the institutions rather than question them. 

What do you think of that twist to the meaning of a democratic society?  Do you really think these institutions can be trusted?  Why would the questioning of authority in a democratic society be seen as contrary to a government of the people? That's called a conundrum. 

There has been an observable bias against Donald Trump which even the so called liberal part of the mainstream media has made note of.  An Op-Ed in the  October 23, 2016 Los Angeles Times does a great job showing how this phenomenon is constructed. (note this is a right wing opinion and I do not regard myself as a right winger but I agree pretty much with this analysis)  

Now here is my personal take on the bias against Trump.  I think of him as a complete waste of natural resources such as food, air and water.  So I'm not defending his obscene assault on common human decency in this Presidential campaign.  Rather I see the bias against Trump as a smokescreen to hide the awful facts about Hillary Clinton and what future she will provide for America.

Why do I have this feeling?  For the following reason primarily. The emails released by Wikileaks have exposed her absolute contempt for the people she needs to vote for her and the coverage of this and what it means has been covered up in the 'moral outrage' over Donald Trumps sex life.  

Hillary Clinton defends the double standard she uses when speaking to elite donors and the way she speaks to the rest of us schmucks who vote.  She dissembles when she talks to the voter, she speaks the truth when she speaks to her donors. Here is a partial list of political donors to whom Hillary speaks without dissembling.    Do you see your name there?

The 'rigging' of an election can be done in many ways.  As political operatives become more amoral the ways in which deceit in the electoral process may be accomplished increases.  I believe we are witnessing that phenomenon this year.  Here's an analysis of the situation I find believable at Global Research.

This brings me back to former President Carter's thought that there is no functioning democracy in the U.S.  What do you think?  Should you say anything?  What happens if you don't?  What happens if you do?

After finishing the post about the media I got the following report from Democracy Now on government interference with reporting the news. The outcome is that the state offenders were made to pay a fine and the press was silenced by the attack on the reporters.  Is this the kind of democracy we want? Should we speak up? What will happen if we do? 

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Ecclesiastes 1 Poem

I like to write a poem this time of year that has something to do with the passing of seasons and the seasons of life. The Ecclesiastes 1 Poem is what I have this year.  If you are unfamiliar with the biblical book of Ecclesiastes clink the link in the last sentence. It's a great read as well as being an insightful look into human nature. 

As far as the poem goes I used an old picture as a backdrop. After finding myself awake in the wee wee hours I spoke the beginning of the poem into my recorder and picked up the thought after falling asleep and waking up.  It might change some, but I like it now.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Dangerous Ideas, Necessary Ideals

A long time ago in a society that no longer exists teenage school children were encouraged to read Henry Thoreau's essay "On The Duty Of Civil Disobedience."   (click link to hear essay read)

This article on the interdiction of WikiLeaks has arrived in the last few hours  I include the details as we know them here from the website Wired.  When secrets are revealed those in power often pee their pants and then they get angry and then there is.... 

We'll have to wait and see what comes next.

Children are no longer encouraged to allow themselves to be influenced by the ideals set forth in this purely American document. Not, at least, in the United States in which Thoreau's philosophy was conceived and where in the 1960's these words inspired people to stand up for the good and speak truth to the power brokers which had taken over society. 

The ideal of personal responsibility is alien to the children being taught citizenship in today's America. Children are taught to obey authority instead of questioning when it runs contrary to common humanist values.  As a result we get candidates for President who have no honor or values that resemble the good that is inside the human heart.

We are now facing a future in the U.S. and in the world in general of following leaders who have no legitimate moral compass.  One is an accused sexual predator who claims he is not a sexual predator and one is an outright liar who is proud of being a liar and all the success her lies have achieved for her personal life at the expense of 'we the people'. 

The duty of Civil Disobedience has never been greater than it is now.  Today the corporations of the earth are on the verge of killing the earth outright due to their business practices resulting in climate change.

One candidate denies that climate change is happening and the other supports the corporations whose livelihood depends on polluting the earth but tells 'we the people' the story the people want to hear. We, the general public, have come to characterize the New Testament notion of a people with 'itching ears'.  

At the rock bottom of this is an outright attack on democratic principles of government including the freedom of the press and the right to assemble.  Amy Goodman, one of a few journalists left reporting on important topics, has been arrested for going to a place where news was being made and reporting on it. 

Democracy is in peril in the U.S. when reporters are arrested to protect corporate interests and keep information from the people who will be adversely affected by corporate / state activities.

Today 'the good' is held in dishonor while liars and those accused of sexual predation are held up to be acclaimed as saviors of a truly lost populace. If the potential outcome of these two candidates is not averted the U.S. might just as well say good night.

I'll be voting for Jill Stein.  When Clinton becomes President the future which can be expected is revealed in this Corbett Report.   

Saturday, October 08, 2016

The Clinton Emails

The U.S. is in the position of having two unsuitable candidates who want to run the nation.  Clinton of course will win the election, Trump has no chance whatsoever.  But Clinton will win because the media has taken up her cause.  

For example on the Google news feed this morning you would expect to see the top news story be the newly released Clinton emails.  Not so.  I had to search for it and then it came up.  I only knew to look because of TYT's reporting. (see video below) Ask yourself why Google news did not think the email caper was important enough to be a headline.

The Emails Hillary Clinton never wanted anyone to see have now been made public.  The emails reveal how little she cares about the working and middle classes.  She has nothing in common with them. She did praise the banks that destroyed the American Dream and now she wants them to help her when she become President.

TYT politics reporter Jordan Chariton recommended sharing the video so I am.  

Whether a Trump Presidency would be worse than a Clinton Presidency we will never know.  Clinton will be the next President and it will mean more of what G.W. Bush gave us and more of what Obama gave us.  

As we learned from the emails Clinton tells the public one thing and her corporate sponsors another thing and that is because she thinks the citizen is a problem when it comes to getting things done. In her point of view the government could be run a lot better if there was no citizen input from the lower classes.  Most of us are in that category.

I'll be voting for Jill Stein because the one who wins this election will be the President that finally sells the working men and women of the U.S. down the river or across the ocean. The American people have been offered no real choice by the official political parties. That in itself is a kick in the teeth to a populace that desperately needs social reform.  

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