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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Doug Hughes Incident: a prelude to an uprising

I read about and listened with interest to the account of the man, Doug Hughes, who grabbed the national attention by his flight to Washington DC and his illegal entry into the airspace around the nation's capitol.  His purpose, as most know by now, was to make a statement about the rich and the corporate class which are buying, literally buying, the influence of lawmakers which in turn are selling the average voter out in favor of their wealthy patrons. Bravo Doug Hughes.

Democracy Now interviewed Doug Hughes on April 22, 2015.  You can watch the interview at the link.

To follow up with the ground breaking work of Doug Hughes wouldn't it be nice to see 535 people show up with placards made of photographs of their elected representatives indicating whether or not they have been bought by the wealthy class and the corporate interests of the nation?

Imagine 535 people, OR MORE, each holding up a placard with the mug of each elected representative for the entire nation to see so the people can get an idea of how bad the problem is and which of their elected representatives are aiding and abetting the problem!  What a free speech spectacle that would be!

When that is complete the next election should finish the political careers of the ones which have sold the American people to the highest bidder.  If not the American people deserve what they get and they should just shut up and let the country be lost.

Below is the famous speech made by Mario Savio during the Free Speech Movement in Berkeley California 1964.

In the video below is the 45th anniversary 
remembrance of the Free Speech Movement. Mario was so influential that his work is celebrated annually at the 
University. Only those who oppose free speech celebrate the work of his adversary Clark Kerr.  



Saturday, April 18, 2015

I Got A Little Angry This Morning After Reading About Kristen Lindsey

The woman in the news story, Kristen Lindsey, killed a cat with her bow and arrow.  She was so proud of her activity she posted a picture herself holding a cat with an arrow through it's neck. Guess what her occupation is.  Kristen Lindsey was at the time of the killing of the cat employed as a veterinarian 

That's a mind blower isn't it?  It makes me happy she did not become a medical doctor. Just imagine what she might be shooting in Texas if logic follows logic. Her employer canned her ass. Apparently they felt it was not a good representation of their business.  Good for them, I'd certainly think twice before allowing Kristen Lindsey to treat my cats.

I have six cats. Four of the cats were feral like the one killed for sport and fun by Kristen Lindsey. (see update below the cat was not feral it was a neighbors pet) I rescued most of my cats after seeing how hard the life of a feral cat was.  It was quite an adventure and I had as much fun and learned a lot just like Kristen Lindsey.  However she and I learned different things.

This is Kali from the first litter of rescued kittens. I didn't get her inside soon enough and her feral nature lingered for a long time, but now she will come in and sleep with me during the night.

Below is Mama Cat with a litter that was born inside.

Some of Mama Cat's Kittens were taken by a 

local veterinarian and instead of using them for

target practice the good doctor found homes for 

them.  I kept two of the litter.  Imp and Little 

One. They're my buddies now. 

All of these kittens are descendants of the 

Yellow Tomcat. The Yellow Tomcat came to

my porch and I began to feed him. A valuable 

lesson began to be taught to me. 

I had no previous experience with feral cats.

Feral cats  are not domesticated cats who no 

longer have a home with a human family. Feral

cats are wild animals.  Their wild feral nature is 

residual in them and it leaves by degrees. It 

requires patience and compassion to live with 

cats which are rescued in this way.

Below is a photographic tribute to the Yellow 

Tomcat. He met his fate along the side of the 

road. Before that he would show up bloody and 

limping. Feral cats have a hard life. Humans can

have compassion on them or they can treat 

them like Kristen Lindsey the unemployed 

veterinarian does. Enjoy the video I made in 

memory of the Yellow Tomcat.

Update:  It seems that the cat hunted down and 

shot by Kristen Lindsey was a family pet.    Oh 

well, the cat whose name was 'Tiger' is dead 

and the veterinarian will,hopefully,never be

allowed to treat an animal again.

Ms. Lindsey truly peed in her chili.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I Want It Now: poetry by David H. Roche

"I Want It Now" is a poem about the destruction of the earth and those who live on it by the way of life chosen by the people who live on the earth.

While it is true most of the people involved in the enterprise of destroying the earth do not intentionally decide to do it, it is true their participation is essential to the final result. 

We are pretty much forced by our way of life and circumstances to engage in our mutual self destruction. The capitalist will sell the rope, do you really need to buy it and hang yourself with it? We, the people, can make adjustments in our priorities and make better decisions.

This poem was written with the purpose of providing a catalyst by which to rethink the priorities we as consumers have.  There is a video with photography and a reading of the poem at the bottom of the page.  It is up to you to stop the greatest genocide of all a genocide that eclipses all previous genocides, the extinction of not only the human race but life itself. 

I Want It Now

I want the world back.
I won't settle for anything less.
I'm tired of real estate brokers, bankers,
lawyers and smokestacks.

I've seen what they've given in its place;
it's a pandemic,
a terrorist pathology released among us
destroying our way of life
and replacing it with a 'new and improved' version
conceived in the gray rooms of some obscure 'think tank',
dressed up on Madison Avenue,
made in China
and placed on sale at Wal-Mart just for us.

I'm tired of it.  I want to be able to listen
to the still small voice speaking inside,
like it did in the days
when the mountains were Gods,
creation had spirit ...
and people listened to their voices.
It's been taken away
and replaced with electronic whisperings;
a chintzy substitute
for the voice of God gurgling in rivers
below sunlight, between tree lined banks,
tranquil, dappled and sparkling at my feet...

Whatever it is you've made in your factories
that beeps and squeaks, flashing intermittently and interminably
take it directly to the dump and spare me the trouble
of throwing it away.
I want the world back,
and I want it back now.

 January 05 07 (C) David H. Roche

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Government Studies Conclude Pot Makes You Feel Good

Government Studies Conclude Pot Makes You Feel Good

In a report released April 13, 2015 government researchers concluded that marijuana, commonly called ‘pot’, ‘reefer’, ‘grass’, skunk’,  and a myriad of other names makes the user feel good.

Researchers Johnathan B. Goode and Sandra ‘Chuckles’ Berry had planned to release the results of their 2 year study on Wednesday April 1 but  according to ‘Chuckles’ they just didn’t get around to doing it until today.  She told the Marijuana New Times:  “We had planned to release the report on the 1st, but just plain forgot about it. Johnathan found it under an empty potato chip bag. But anyhow we did finish the research and the results were highly controversial, but promising, as anyone who reads the report will see.”

Marijuana New Times reporter Allen Toklas asked ‘Chuckles’ how the pair had conducted their research. 

“Well”, Berry responded, “we constructed our experiment around the usual setting that marijuana is used in.  We wanted our results to reflect a real life situation instead of a dry clinical setting with boring details which often leaves the layman trying to decide just what the scientists were saying.”

Toklas: “So no mice died in this experiment?”

“No, no one died,” ‘Chuckles’ laughed.

Marijuana New times wanted to know how the experiment was set up and what they were trying to determine and the pair were eager to share how they went about their research.

Dr. Goode began.  “We knew that most marijuana is smoked indoors in a communal setting with two or more participants usually with music or mindless television shows in the background.  So we rented an apartment and set up our lab.”

Toklas: “Where did you obtain your marijuana from?”

“The pot was obtained from medical marijuana growers,” Dr. Goode answered.

Toklas: “So it must have been good quality.”

“Oh man it was!”  ‘Chuckles interrupted with a giggle. Before the interview was over I had come to understand how she came to get the nickname ‘Chuckles’. She was simply irrepressible.  “We had our choice of any of the commercial medical strains.  You know there are hundreds, or so it seems.  We began by getting samples of 10 or 15 at a time…I forget now. But after 6 months of sampling we had decided on a half a dozen or so which we liked the best.”

Toklas: “What were they?” 

Berry: “Well there was ‘Blue Dream’, ‘Pre-98 Bubba Kush’, ‘Alaskan Thunderfuck’, ‘Jack Herer’, and ‘Girl Scout Cookies’ that stand out.  I’m sure there are more but I can’t remember them now.  I can’t recall one I thought was not up to snuff.  Each strain just seemed to keep getting better.  My favorite was the Pre-98 Bubba Kush.”

Toklas: “So let me see you rented this apartment for the two year study and did your experiments right here. Is that right?”

Berry: “Yes”.

“Toklas: Would you tell our readers how you went about your work?”

Berry: “I’d be happy too.  In the morning we’d get up and smoke a bowl before making breakfast. We’d listen to some music while we ate.  The music would usually be Bob Marley and the Wailers or some Grateful Dead. Then after breakfast we’d go into the living room and turn the TV on and plop down on the couch with some munchies.  Throughout the day we’d smoke more at two or three hour intervals.  We’d use one strain or another and usually finish up with a heavy Indica around bedtime.”

Toklas: “That sounds quite realistic.”

Berry: “Yes we had studied the habits of long term marijuana users and that is exactly the way it is done.  With one exception.”

“Toklas: What was the exception?” 

Berry: “Ordinary marijuana users will many times include alcohol or other drugs with their marijuana use.  We did not do that so as not to distort the result of our study.  We wanted to see just what the effects of marijuana were and adding any other substance would have made the study inaccurate.  We didn’t even use coffee.”

Toklas: "No Coffee?”

Berry: “No.  Caffeine is a mind altering stimulant and we did not want that to influence our results.”

The sound of an infant’s crying from another room sent ‘Chuckles’ scurrying.  I took the opportunity to ask Dr. Goode what the results of the study had revealed.

Goode explained: “Well, first of all marijuana far from being harmful is good for you.  It makes you feel good, it makes you laugh, it removes aggression and makes you feel loving.  All of those are positive effects we could find no fault with.”

Toklas: “So what were your conclusions?”

Goode: “Well our study has shown that the effect of being a daily marijuana smoker is able to reduce violence and produce peace of mind while removing worries.  It induces a sense of camaraderie and even loving feelings.  Along with that it is good for a plethora of physical ailments.

Marijuana, our research has found, is good for both soul and body. The physical benefits have been known for years, but the emotional and societal benefits have not.  Our study remedies that lack in the knowledge about this plant.”

Toklas: “Nothing wrong with that Dr. Goode.”

Goode: “No, nothing at all.  We extended the ramification of our studies to the entire world population and concluded that if everyone would smoke marijuana daily that world peace would result and societies would become more compassionate.”

“Toklas: Getting everyone to smoke pot isn’t realistic is it?”

Goode: “Unfortunately no.  The few that refuse would cause trouble.  They would most likely be the ones who become politicians and begin wars and increase tensions between people in their own country.  It's an all or nothing proposition.  The study was clear that even a percentage of 90 percent would not suffice. Marijuana users are just so docile and loving that they could be easily manipulated by the non-smoking 10 percent.”

‘Chuckles’ returned to the living room. She was nursing the infant I had heard and speaking in low, soothing, motherly tones.

Berry: “This is Sunshine, ‘Chuckles explained. He’s our pride and joy. He was born right after the start of the second year of our experiment.”

Toklas: “Oh. I didn’t realize you were married.”

Berry: “We’re not yet, our divorces aren't finalized.  But as soon as they are we’re planning to be man and wife and make a home for our little Sunshine.”

I had one last question for the pair of ground breaking scientists.  “If you were to describe the effects of marijuana in one paragraph how would you do it?”

Dr. Goode began to speak but ‘Chuckles’ got in first.  “It’s an empathogen.  It makes you in tune with the feelings of other people; it induces feelings of love and tenderness to blossom inside of you.”

Dr. Goode added.  “It makes you feel good too.  Our study has shown conclusively that smoking marijuana is one factor that can be a major contributor to bringing about peace and brotherhood in the world by inducing a sense of personal well-being. So if you need to quote me just say smoking marijuana makes you feel good.

“Marijuana has gotten a bad reputation and our research shows it is undeserved.  Most of those who are opposed to marijuana have never used it.  Those who have used it and speak against it have consistently been found to be making a plea deal with the criminal justice system to avoid a lengthy jail sentence or heavy fine or are seeking political office.”

The interview had come to an end. I looked at the two scientists.  ‘Chuckles’ was a vision of peace with a babe sucking contentedly on a nipple. Dr. Johnathan B. Goode by her side was smiling broadly, clearly he was a proud happy father.

As I was about to exit Dr. Goode spoke: “We’ve applied for grants to study the effects of Magic Mushrooms, DMT and Ayahuasca.  I hope you’ll come back to interview us again. The world needs a new vision. From what we've seen of the completely beneficial effects of marijuana indicates the necessity of exploring the potential of these even more potent empathogens. You can be a part in telling the world.

Social commentary by David H. Roche C) 2015

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Hands: a poem by David H. Roche

Old wrinkled hands that have held wrenches 
and hammers,
hands that have been burned,
cut and healed leaving scars,
hands that have petted kittens,
punched faces,
       caressed lovers
       and held my face as I cried alone.
       Old wrinkled hands hold the story of my life.

poetry and photography by David H. Roche (C) 2015

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