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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Mating Ritual Of Photons And The Hatching Of The Cosmic Egg (video and art)

The video began with a ceiling light and you can see what I managed to coax from it.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

One More Unarmed American Gunned Down

I made the poster below as a sarcastic response to the justice system that has so far exonerated those who saw to it that Freddie Gray ended up dead.  Apparently I was not being sarcastic but I was being prophetic. This assault on the unarmed caregiver happened last Monday.  The reporting of the assault was delayed until Thursday.  What do you think that means? Why did the delay in reporting the shooting of a citizen by the Police occur? 

Edit:  This morning another delayed report of an attack on an American citizen appeared in my news feed.  This time in another Southern state, Texas. Read the AP article in the link and have it in mind next time some idiot says the U.S. is not a hot bed of racism.

This morning on my news feed was the story of an unarmed healthcare giver aiding a mentally ill patient and being shot by police in Florida while going about his work. Florida is a state in the Southern part of the U.S. Florida has a long history of racial animosity.  Whether or not this is part of the reason for an unarmed caregiver being gunned down is yet to be determined.  The news story is very disturbing.  It seems to me that this mans life was of no consequence to the shooter.  The unnamed cop fired three shots at him and was only able to hit the man once. At the very least he needs to be kicked off the force for being such a poor shot.  (sarcasm.)

As it turns out, Charles Kinsey, the victim of the police shooting, did not die.  Thankfully the unnamed officer was a piss poor shot. But the story get stranger and stranger.  After shooting Kinsey the shooter claims he was trying to shoot the other guy.  Even so after shooting the wrong guy they handcuff the victim and let him bleed on the street.  And then they don't arrest the guy who was armed with the toy truck. Does that sound like a good job of protecting and serving?

As I said. It was in sarcasm and also disgust I made the poster because of the inhumanity present in the circumstances that cost Freddie Gray his life. Today was a mindblower. I never thought a cop would actually shoot a man lying on his back with his hands in the air.  You learn something new every day.

For instance here  in a video address is Donald Trump praising the police.  I have never felt so certain that the man is addled as I am now after listening to his praise of police against the backdrop of the needless violence against the poor and disadvantaged people of color by the police which is documented almost daily in the mainstream news. Do you really want a country where minorities cannot go to work without being hunted down and shot? If so vote for Trump or Clinton. If not vote for Jill Stein.

Is there anything a black person can do to keep from being shot by the police?  The question needs to be asked.  This incident cannot be considered an aberration due to the present condition of American society. Maybe society will be moved to correct this.  It's time something happens because at the present time it is clear that society thinks that only Some Lives Matter. Maybe the media is at fault for reporting shootings like this. NOT!

Please do not follow the directions in the poster.  It may cost you your life.  I don't know how the problem can be solved, but I know the problem exists.  Somebody better solve it.


I do know how to solve the problem of people gunning others down.  Problem is Americans have been trained from birth to reject the only solution that will work.  That solution is to love one another and to see to it that all are getting along okay.  Society is not like that. Society is the way we made it.  We can change our minds about how we feel about one another.  We can choose to learn how to love one another.  I doubt Donald Trump is willing to take the chance. I doubt America is willing to take the chance.  Hillary Clinton cares about Hillary Clinton.  That which will save the nation is a change in heart not a change in political direction.


In this link the shooter explains why he did what he did.  Do you think this is a made up story to remove him from responsibility for his actions?  I hope they drug test the shooter.  He shot the man and doesn't know why he shot him.  A drug test seems reasonable if the union allows it.


It is beginning to sound as if the police department has fingered one of its own.  They've promised that there will be no cover-up.  Why would they have to assure the people?  Well anyway it seems one of the boys in blue lied not sure when but the people in charge appear to be really pissed off at him.  He's been placed on administrative leave without pay.  That is unusual and it makes me think the cop may have done something he may be beginning to regret.  Hopefully the details will emerge. But if one remembers the death of Freddie Gray there was a quick assurance of impending justice.  So far all have walked.  So let's not think justice will be done until we see justice done.  People need to be careful not to be duped by slick tongued politicians.

While searching the news for topics on shooting by police I found this database titled in the news.  It has killings from todays date on it.  The database simply records the killings and where they happened. It is not a justified or unjustified killing database, simply a record of the people killed by police.  I have to tell you a good number of Americans are killed by the police. It's a sobering bunch of statistics. A good number of those Americans may have deserved to be shot.

Another troubling report on the shooting from the mother of the intended victim.  One can only imagine what went through her mind as she realized the police had targeted her son and when they shot Mr. Kinsey by mistake they were intending to shoot her son.  I'll leave you to your own thoughts on this. 

This is what we know.  1. Before the shooting the police were informed by the victim of the circumstances.  2.The police shot the victim.  3.After the shooting the police handcuffed the victim and left him in the street.  4.The victim was known by the police to be an innocent bystander. 5.The shooter has no idea why he shot the victim. 6.There are some things about the official narrative that do not make sense.

Not all citizens believe the shooting was a 'mistake' by a cop who could not shoot straight.  Some see something far more sinister.

"Rev. Anthony Evans, President of the National Black Church Initiative, says “here is yet another example of the police trying to cover up a bad shooting and want us to believe that the officer’s life in danger. There was no gun. The man was lying on the ground with his hands up and taking care of an autistic child. This is not only outrageous, but it constitutes that the police department from north to south and from east to west has a ‘shoot to kill order’ on black males anytime a call comes in. If this is not resolved, as of tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m., I will call for 50,000 protestors down in North Miami to shut the entire city down for one week.”

The Washington Post has published an analysis of the shooting video.  After listening to those make up reasons to make this a 'good' shooting I was left wondering.  Think about it. Since the cops were informed verbally by the one they say they were protecting that the patient was holding a toy on multiple times are we to assume the police have hearing problems as well as judgment and shooting problems? 

If there is a cover-up in this it will be interesting to see how it goes down.  Hopefully the majority of people will be able to see there is something wrong with this reality unfolding across the length and breadth of the nation.

The Miami Herald reports that the citizens in the area of the shooting are sick and tired of this kind of behavior by the police. They are frustrated and do not know how to protect themselves from being shot.  It's not just the rabble.  Politicians like U.S. Representative Frederica Wilson are getting concerned for the safety of black people on the streets of America.  I can't recall Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton condemning this alarming development in American society with any vigor.   

The pro gun group at bearing arms .com had the most damning commentary of the shooting of all that I've read so far. 

There is a growing suspicion that police department personnel fabricated evidence in this case in order to provoke the shooting.  If this turns out to be the case you know the Devil is in charge.

The organization Color of Change has produced a petition to fire the police officer who shot the medical technician.   You can sign it if you have a desire to sign it by clicking the highlighted portion.

This shooting may very well be the straw that breaks the camels back, so to speak, it may be a watershed moment. Americans may not only demand justice, but require it.  One thing is certain the present condition is intolerable in a nation of citizens who believe they are free to earn a living without being shot and then left in the road like garbage.

Some readers of Philly . Com have wondered if racial prejudice is a factor in the epidemic of black persons dying from police inflicted wounds. One Doctor who worked to save the police who were victims in Dallas had the following experience.

"The black, Harvard-trained trauma surgeon who frantically worked to save the lives of the policemen shot in Dallas said that he had been stopped various times by the police and once spread-eagled on the hood of a police car. He said he had been frightened that each of the encounters might end in his death. That is one dramatic example of the police harassment and mistreatment experienced by much of the black community."

In many areas of the country people are beginning to acknowledge that this plague of the shooting of black people by the police may have racial bias as an impetus. 

Hilton Napoleon, the lawyer for shooting victim Charles Kinsey, feels that the story the police have told to explain why they shot a man they thought to be innocent is not an accurate account of the events of this police shooting.  "Napoleon asks, “Why would they put [Kinsey] in handcuffs…if they really were trying to protect him?”

The attorney also reveals that the officers did not give Kinsey any medical attention after being shot in the leg last Monday.
“It is outrageous that they would suggest that they were shooting a clearly mentally ill individual who had autism … If they felt like they needed to protect my client why didn’t they put some type of bandage or pressure on the wound?”

Matthew Deitz, the attorney for the handicapped victim of the North Miami police shooting has asked the DOJ to investigate due to possible civil rights violations by the police officers.

The mother of the autistic patient targeted by police in North Miami speaks out.  She wonders what in the world possessed the police to target an obviously harmless individual.  She wonders how it is they could not determine he was no threat sitting there playing with his toy truck. 

The State of Maryland has found no reason to prosecute the remaining police officers regarding the circumstances surrounding the death of Freddie Gray from injuries sustained while in their custody it was reported today.  Freddie Gray is still very much dead.  No one was found to be responsible.  Sound familiar?

This report by Democracy Now provides a citizens perspective to the police action surrounding the death of Freddie Gray.  This clip reveals the voices of the people in Baltimore expressing their feelings about the death of Freddie Gray while in police custody.
As it turned out what was done to Freddie Gray was not a crime.  Maybe the laws can be changed so that in the future it will be a crime.


ABC news reports that in Portsmouth Virginia, the first degree murder trial of  Officer Stephen Rankin is beginning. The officer is charged with the premeditated murder of William Chapman II an unarmed teenager.

"In court documents, prosecutors allege Rankin killed Chapman "willfully, deliberately and with premeditation." Chapman's body was delivered to the medical examiner with handcuffs still bound behind his back, according to news reports at the time."

The victim is black and the shooter is white. This case is going before a jury. Every case is unique and a stand alone event at the moment it happens.  But eventually it becomes a statistic which then can be used to interpret the environment in which all the statistics are generated. Figures never lie, but sometimes liars figure.  

If I don't speak up when black people are being shot, how about me, a hearing handicapped person who may be seen as willfully disobeying a police officer I haven't heard which then justifies me being shot?  If there are not some definite restraints placed on the police that are enforced with the same vigor as those restraints placed on the non-police sector of society this could escalate and have a negative impact overall on society.  You think the handicapped do not have to fear the police.  Think again, in Florida again, a deaf man is shot 6 times in front of his son for  allegedly not obeying the police. 

I have some questions that must be answered if the average citizen is to feel he's been told the whole story.

1. What happened to the suicidal guy with the gun?  Is he still out there?  2.  Why didn't the cops pay attention when the man they claim they were assisting told them his companion had a toy truck?  3.  Will hearing experts be used in court to impeach any claims of failing to hear?  4. Why did the police handcuff the wounded victim when they understood in their heart of hearts he was not the man they intended to shoot? 5. Why did they leave him without medical assistance after claiming to have wrongfully shot him? 6. Why was there a delay of days before the announcement of unjustified violence against a black person? 7.  Why did the police begin immediately to offer a financial settlement with the victim? 8.  Was this an attempt to produce 'hush money'? 9.  Why is a police officer with such poor shooting skills and judgment allowed to carry a gun? If it turns out the officers are hearing handicapped to the extent it interferes with their job duties that presents another problem for the police department of North Miami to deal with. 

The above questions arise legitimately from the police and news accounts of this atrocity committed on the city streets. At the present time their response to this unjustified police shooting has raised suspicions among those who have have to show their black faces in public to go to work or school or to the store.  It also makes white people wonder what the hell has happened to this society.

I've spent 7 decades on the planet and it hasn't been this crazy since 1968.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Golden Years Of The American Working Class

Note. After posting this article on the wonderful future the Golden Years hold for those of the working class I received this petition to sign. It seems a Conservative politician, Paul Ryan, is trying to make it more difficult for working class retirees.  The petition came to me from Credo. If you wish to sign it you can do so by clicking this sentence.  There is no way the activities of this man in his efforts to make life more difficult for those who need the most help can be considered humane or Christian without inverting the meanings of both words.

As an American retiree I am eligible to use the services made available by the government in association with its corporate partners for my healthcare needs. 

After putting their heads together the American government and the healthcare industry settled on Medicare as the answer to the healthcare needs of American retirees.  Medicare is free!  Bingo you're insured at no cost if you qualify.  But there's a problem which I discovered in real time. Medicare Part A claims to pay for Dr. visits.  Maybe in government speak they do. But I have in my hand a bill due for $35 for a doctors visit. Medicare Part A did not pay for my Dr. visit entirely.  The office visit was $180.  I'm happy that they paid the larger amount.

It's not all sunshine and daisies though. There is another part of Medicare that one must pay for. I pay $63.20 per month for this additional insurance. The doctor tells you what's wrong and then sends you to the people who are designated to fix your problems.

I was sent for a sonogram that cost $431.  Medicare paid $82.81 the insurance company paid $260.29 leaving me with a balance of $87.90 as my obligation.  If I spend a total of $3400 on my medical upkeep in a year I will receive free medical treatment from that point on until December 31 when I begin from scratch again.

These expenses are not world shaking expenses for some people. But let me put this in perspective and see how it works out.  My monthly income from Social Security is less than $1200 in addition to that I receive a stipend from the VA which is about $133 a month. 

Rent is my biggest expense. I pay $530 a month to live where I live.  But there are other expenses too. Internet is about $66.  Trash pick-up about $42.  House insurance about $31.  Electric $40 or $50. Health insurance $63.20.  Not included is a $100 a year for county taxes.   The total monthly expenses are about $770.

This leaves me with about $430 to  spend during the month.  Out of this I must buy household items, clothing, food for me and my family members. I have 4 cats which by themselves consume $100 of my income each month. If they need medical care I am their insurance provider and they are covered 100% with no out of pocket expenses whatsoever.

This kind of set up makes it a horrible experience for the retiree who accesses these benefits.  When the patient is not able to pay he receives threats from bill collectors demanding that he or she pay what they cannot pay.  If he does pay he must go without paying other bills or without necessary things like food.  Just before the hammer falls he receives shut off notices and more harassment.  Believe me this is the reality of many retirees among the American working class.

So back to the budget.   Subtract $100 from the remaining $430 and there is $330. My biggest additional expense is involved with the purchase of medicine.  My medicinal needs cost between $15 and $20 a day.  None of it is covered by my insurance.  So it is easy to see I go without my medicine a lot cause I just can't afford it.

From this it is evident what the American working class can look forward to in their golden years.  While the bills sit here looking at me this morning, yesterday I received a call from the hospital saying the Dr. had scheduled yet another sonogram, this time for my heart.  I had to decline knowing there was no way I could pay for the services.

It should be clear Medicare did pay a good amount.  But what is also evident is that even the little left to pay looks like a lot when you have $20 and two weeks to go before any more funds arrive and $12 of that has to go for cat food. 

Let this be a lesson to you.  If you are  of the working class and live in America and go to work every day and work all your life you will get you tired out, poor, sick and broke by the time you are old enough to enjoy your Golden Years. And if you have not been able to earn enough to make ends meet tough shit you should have worked harder and longer. If you don't believe me ask any conservative. You'll learn that society owes you nothing. That's how the conservative politician says "thank you for your service to the economy" to the working class citizen. Even though you contributed one third of your wages to the Federal Government and spent all you earned in American stores, conservatives argue the government owes the citizen nothing at all when it comes to meeting life's needs. I call Bullshit on that. What do you think?

Have a nice day and try not to get sick if you are a member of the working class because if you get sick you're screwed.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

An Attempted Exorcism On The 4th Of July 2016

This blog post was inspired by the events of October21, 1967. 

"An Attempted Exorcism On The 4th Of July 2016"  is a political statement reflecting complete dissatisfaction with the cavalcade of BOZOS offered to the American people to choose from.  This election year has been a joke and it is turning into an insult. God only knows what comes after that.

As for the video I was sitting about 15 feet from the fireworks and used my camera in my phone.  I don't know where that Demon voice came from it just showed up.

So this video is a political farce just like this years selection of candidates to be President.  They give us an entire cast of BOZOS and one long time servant of the war and financial industries to vote for and then have the audacity to tell us we're free because we can vote. If you vote, stop your bitchin' of course you'll be fooled again.

An exorcism is needed don't you think?

Saturday, July 09, 2016

Religion As The Deadly Sin ( a poem by David H. Roche)

Born to Trouble

Religion As The Deadly Sin

A tether on my spirit
hobbles on my feet,
blinders on my eyes
bitter when I eat.

I heard the Lord singing
and I wanted to dance;
but getting caught by religion
I lost my chance.

Now in my troubles whenever I pray
I cling to my treasures
of wood, stubble and hay;
turning my back on the Temple within
I chose religion...
that was my sin.

A tether on my spirit
hobbles on my feet,
blinders on my eyes
bitter when I eat.

The Spirit of Life
was removed from the throne
and in it's stead were built
temples of stone.

Temples of stone
instead of Spirit and bone;
I traded Spirit and Life
for temples of stone.

Poetry and art by David H. Roche (C) 2016

I kind of like this poem and am continuing to work on it changing this and that as you may have noticed.  Check back and see how it goes.

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