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Saturday, February 25, 2017

It's All Fake!

It's all fake.  Fake news, alternative facts, fake critics, fake Presidents.  It's all fake. Every last part of it is fake.  

How can such a circumstance built on 'fakeness' come to frame the working reality of an entire populace and adversely affect the entire world?

Sometimes I like to recall the scene in heaven with Satan and God teaching Job a lesson.  Job is one of my favorite bible books, perhaps because its premise seems so implausible. But yet how many times have you felt there was some cosmic power tripping you up from time to time?  

By reading and re-reading the ideas I find what I call a 'deeper' understanding about the intent of the book than a casual reading might result in.  I think the purpose of the book is, the lesson it has to teach, is how man should relate to God.  This comes to light in the later chapters during the dialogue.  In chapter 38 God seems fed up with Job and gets in his face in verse three:  "Gird up now thy loins like a man; for I will demand of thee, and answer thou me." 

God now lays into Job and shows him how ignorant he is.  The point in all this is to lead Job to never falter in the way God works things out because they always work out for the best.  Even if the present moment makes such a thought seem preposterous.  God is teaching Job a lesson about the real nitty-gritty of the meaning of faith. Don't trust the one who doesn't have the knowledge, Job and his buddies in this case, trust your Maker which obviously has the knowledge.

In Chapter five the proposition opens up the inquiry into the nature of the cosmic secrets of the universe and the meaning of the experience of life.  6 Although affliction cometh not forth of the dust, neither doth trouble spring out of the ground;

The passage above leads me to think in 
the following way. Trouble, conditions such
as the mess the world finds itself in now, 
don't grow from the natural world the way 
crops do, but yet trouble seems to be the
lot of human existence. This conclusion
leads me to think it is mankind which by
virtue of Their decision making capacities 
that have been the driving forces behind 
much of the misery which is mankind's
lot. In other words it's the things we've
thought and done that have created this
Godforsaken present moment in history 
that is eating us alive! 

We're not as smart as we think we are 
the lesson comes back to Job and to the 
rest of us who read the work today.

I love reading the book.  It's an artful, well
written and conceived work of ancient 
literature that addresses the timeless 
features of human existence which 
humanity encounters at every period of 
Their existence. 

We humans have created a fake 
everything from the bottomless pit of 
our imagination by the misuse of our 
decision making faculties. This must be 
fake way of conducting human affairs if 
the consequences are the present result! 
This isn't what we were hoping it would 
turn out to be is it? That's because it is 
FAKE from top to bottom. 

My personal feeling is that humanity has 
made the choices It has made due to a
misunderstanding about the nature of 
Their existential experience which 
amounts to a life of suffering in one way or

It makes sense that if humanity were to
change its mind about what it's being 
here is about that a more positive
condition would be more likely to arise. 
Something positive would be a lot better 
than the present Fake Trump Presidency 
is offering us.

My gut feeling is that the human race is in
a transformational phase of its 

Transformational in the sense
that the despair created by the FAKE
Social INSTITUTIONS characterized by the 
principalities and powers supporting the 
Fake Trump Presidency is now bearing 
fruit along with the growing recognition of
the utter failure their social systems have 
displayed themselves to be. 

In place of those 
failed and 
will appear new 
ideas in many 
hearts all around the world
arising from the universal cry to maintain 
truth and justice at all costs, 
institutions imbued with justice 
and good will for all will be created 
because in our heart of hearts this is what 
90 % of us want the world to be like. 

We have created the present world 
condition out of a mistaken sense of self
and supported with values related to that
mistaken sense of self.  

Fake Values for a FAKE SOCIETY. 
By affirming values that reflect our hearts 
desire for peace and goodwill the world 
can be transformed one heart at a time. 
We simply have to change our mind. 

That's why I can't help but cling to the 
notion that there's something about being 
a resident of this universe that eliminates 
the need to worry too much about how 
things will turn out. There's more than 
meets the eye to being human. 

In this present FAKE SOCIETY that very 
important spiritual concept is denied.  
Look around and you'll see what the result
is.  A Fake President. Totally Fake. A 
society built on anti-human FAKE values. 

Keep The Faith Baby

And Keep on Trucking

Monday, February 20, 2017

President's Day Cancelled This Year (Pie In The Face News)

This year due to the uncertain circumstances as reported in CrimeWire, as well as virtually every other media outlet, surrounding the Presidential election the traditional celebration of the holiday is being suspended by public opinion. 

The majority of Americans have lost interest in having anything to do with President Trump or anything he has to say.  

They also have lost confidence in the media which has failed to pick up on the fact that there are more possibilities available to aid the American people than Republicans or Democrats care to imagine.  

The lowering of the bar which allowed a Trump Presidency reveals the spiritual decline of the nation. Truth and justice are no longer automatically associated with the American Way under the Trump Administration. This report by Think Progress gives just a sample of Trump lies that have taken the joy out of the American Spirit and replaced it with fear and uncertainty as this report in Rolling Stone reveals.  

A resulting glom has overtaken the nation like a plague. The Guardian reveals why. At first it appeared as if there was no will to resist left in the heart of the American people who have seen their lives grow progressively more difficult and fearful since the 1980's. But the popular support for refusing to celebrate President's Day 2017 belies the idea that the American Spirit has been completely stamped out by the anti-human goals and initiatives reported by The Atlantic concerning the Trump Administration. 

All of these features of the Trump Administration have caused the collective angst of the populace to demand that no President's Day celebration be held this year or in any year in which Donald Trump is President.  The rallying cry which galvanized the nation and raised the almost dead Spirit of America back to life was "No way, Jose."

Those words, whether they portray an actual event, or were actually spoken are attributed to an unknown member of the Sanctuary Movement and they reveal the depravity and anti-human nature which is at the heart of the Trump Presidency. 

So how did the phrase come to motivate the people to take such a decisive and unprecedented action? The story is told of the pastor of a Sanctuary Church clasping to his chest a small boy who is trembling and shaking with terror and stricken with the fear of being sent back across the border to his death by Trump.  

With tears streaming down both their faces, witnesses say, the unnamed pastor hugged the little boy as if never to let him free from his grasp while repeating over and over the now familiar rallying cry: "No way Jose, they will never send you away."  

And that is how President's Day during the Trump Presidency has been removed from the list of national holidays. 

If you're thinking that it isn't fair or even right to make up stories about the President just remember the story about George Washington and the cherry tree wasn't factually correct either.  

  This has been a PIE IN THE FACE NEWS report

Most of the details are partially true
some completely fabricated
it doesn't matter anyhow
the Spirit is Right On

Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Turtle Log: an allegory of the messenger effect

The Turtle Log is an allegory of the spirit of the present moment in time. 

A moment when deceit is the apostle of truth. 

A moment when up and down are in doubt.
A moment when all the world has become unintelligible.

This is the moment to shut off the news 
and spend time alone.  

For months. Longer if necessary. 

 Do not let yourself adjust to 
or accept the constant lying as the norm. 

If you do, you are lost!!!

By eliminating the language of liars from your mind you will remove the intended effects 
of the messengers of deceit 
and restore equilibrium 
so that you can once again 
evaluate your experience rationally. 

It is not possible to make sense of mad men
when it is they who provide the explanation. 

They ain't selling what you want anyhow. 
It's not like you're going to miss anything.

Enjoy the video, it was fun making it.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Illusions: Commentary on the Human Predicament

Some thoughts I put together on the human condition from a reading of the Book of Job.  Some thoughts about the illusion most often encountered by the human being.

The solution to a life embroiled in illusion is revealed in multiple spiritual disciplines.  Today the new physics exploring consciousness gives credibility to the old mystical spiritual traditions by explaining the human predicament by the model of a virtual reality.  

Enjoy the video

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Presidential Health Care Amendment Now Law: Pie in the Face News Editorial

Congress overwhelmingly passed the Presidential Health Care Amendment today mandating regular psychiatric evaluations for those occupying the White House during the term of each sitting President with additional evaluations required on demand of the taxpayer by the means of a national referendum. 

This much needed legislation takes effect immediately. President Rump responded to news of the impending legislation by calling it an attack on himself and his family enterprises. 

His reaction was predictable. As expected the Presidential Health Care Amendment was immediately vetoed by President Rump, but the veto was quickly overturned, as expected, leaving President Ronald Rump tweeting that the people's decision was merely "the barking of slinking curs looking for an alley to raid a garbage can."

During a searing and insulting series of 'tweets' he referred to the American people as fools and dupes of a dishonest judiciary and media and that he was their only hope and they'd better wise up. 

This unexpected, but much needed legislation, is seen as a response to President Rump's placement of alien-extraterrestrial intelligences in positions to guide the destiny of the United States.  This is reminiscent of the scandal involving Rump's predecessor who sold out to the Russians. That experience had barely faded from memory by the time the Rump Cabal seized control justly alarming the populace.

In response to the new legislation President Rump has warned he can bring down fire from heaven and that his detractors should be wary of falling under the Wrath of God. 

Meanwhile it would be less than honest to say that the American People and the world as well are holding their collective breath as this crisis of extraterrestrial treachery is being sold to the American people as the new normal defined by Alternative Facts provided by the Ronald Rump Administration and his alien advisors.


Rump's opposition claim the result of his economic and political policies would be a return to a form of feudalism or a company store kind of existence for the average citizen.  

Americans are just waking up to their stupidity in choosing Rump as their savior. The world looks on in wonder as America shakes it's head and gasps for air and fresh clean water.

This has been a Pie in the Face News Editorial
Pie in the Face News is a subsidiary of the
Dadaist News Service

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Some Lessons From The Waterside

In this small pond a number of different creatures live. They get along well with each other sharing themselves and their environment.

These daunting times are the most important moments of our collective human experience. We know the kind of people who have taken over, we know their goals and institutions have no intention of improving our well being or seeing to it that our needs as human beings are being met. 

These institutions have proven themselves to be anti-human by waging unprovoked wars and engaging in the denial of aid to refugees from those wars and by denying aid to the citizens at home.  

Building a wall to starve children is anti-human. There is no way it can be successfully argued that starving children is what the founding fathers had in mind. But yet starving children, if they are called 'illegals', is perfectly politically correct under the Trump regime. We are on the verge of losing our soul with this kind of policy. 

We know these things are anti-human.  We cannot allow ourselves to become anti-human simply because the institutions which run  our lives are anti-human. 

Avoid their information, sit by the waterside, and reclaim your own mind with your own common sense.  Turning off the news is the way to reclaim your humanity.  

It's time to say "Fuck you" to anti-human policies and the way by which anti-human policies are produced and encouraged.

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Alternative Facts: the poem by David H. Roche

I made a brief video on the topic of ALTERNATIVE FACTS after being inspired by the Trump Administrations creative way of using the language as a weapon against the American People. In an article posted February 9, 2017 in Truthdig Sonali Kolhatcar exposes the technique being employed as an offensive weapon against the minds of the American people by the Trump Administration.  Meanwhile ALTERNATIVE FACTS messenger in an article published in Truthdig February 9, 2017 Kellyanne Conway is reported to have breached the law while promoting the product line of the President's daughter.

It is highly doubtful Ms. Conway will be held accountable for her actions.  

I spoke the poem into the microphone so there is no written copy.  


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