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Monday, March 28, 2016

Thought For The Day: after listening to Bernie Sanders

I came across a novel idea while listening to a Bernie Sanders speech on Democracy Now.  He suggested that in order to have a fair and equitable society it was necessary for all adult citizens to be able to vote.  His idea was that if enough of voting age population were not dissuaded by law or simply by choice to forgo voting that a positive change may occur in the lives of the average citizen.  Is that crazy or is that revolutionary or is it just more foolish talk to placate those who will never get a fair shake in a society run the way America is run?

As I listened to Bernie I became inspired.  I imagined all the poor and dispossessed coming together, ditching Clinton the elitist candidate, in favor of a chance to improve their own lot.

If you are a poor person just take time to imagine what so many of the votes of the disenfranchised could do to effect a positive change in your future.  There's a lot more voters down on their luck than there are Americans riding the gravy train. But you have to ditch Clinton to do it.  She's part of the network of oppression that Bernie is offering a way out of by introducing the idea of one vote for each citizen of voting age.

That's the way I see it anyhow.  Can America become the land of enough for everyone, or does it have to stay the way it is? After listening to Bernie I realized it's up to the voter to take the bull by the horns.  And you know, that bull lives on Wall Street where Hillary gets a lot of support. I also realized that those who wish to deny the right to vote to citizens are enemies of the people plain and simple.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Does Donald Trump's Penis Size Qualify Him To Be President?

There's nothing about the size of his penis that would disqualify presidential candidate, Donald Trump, from being the head of state according to the proud possessor of the, now, most famous penis in America.  Is he bigger than John Holmes?  Maybe some of his former wives will speak out on the topic.   America is waiting in suspense!

While bragging about the size of ones penis may not seem to be politically correct fare, the braggart has made a point of dismissing political incorrectness as incorrect.  He is a man that lives his values, what you see is what you get. So far we've seen nothing.  But if Jim Morrison can do it I'm sure the presidential hopeful has giant balls as well and he may give us a glimpse of his mammoth penis before election day.

If the Republican party has any sense whatsoever after seeing the success of a proud penis owner likeTrump they would try to enlist Ted Nugent as his running mate.  By doing this they will be in a position to reevaluate their association with the Duggar style family values they have parlayed into political capital over the last few decades.  Apparently there is not so much difference apart from the denial shown by one and the outright arrogance shown by the other.

Well anyhow, politics hasn't seen so much hilarity since Harry Truman threatened a news reporter for a bad review of his daughters singing skills.  After posting this I came across this humorous report about former candidate Ben Carson who has endorsed Trump.  Carson was the candidate which reminded me of the actor who played 'Buckwheat' in the Our Gang Little Rascals film series.  What it comes down to is that the Republicans have produced two candidates loved by the constituency and totally unsuited for the job.  And the carnival of fools is in full swing.


This has been another report by Pie In The Face News where facts and truth only get in the way of the news just like in the mainstream media.

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

The Marriage of Matter and Spirit: the ultimate alchemy (digital art)

Included in this video is artwork derived from photos I have taken over the years.  The strange looking yellow figures are "Fire People".  I call them that because they were made from photographs of flames.  I like them and use them a lot.

art (C) 2016 by David H. Roche

Saturday, March 05, 2016

The Supper Of Fools: poetry and video by David H. Roche

What follows is an op-ed of Pie In The Face News where our motto is "everything is true if you believe it"
What began as a sneaking suspicion that the world's leaders don't have a clue and can't be trusted has been confirmed.  Kinda.  What actually happened is that it has become apparent that the goals they have are not primarily meant to benefit those faithfully following them. We had given them the benefit of the doubt thinking they might be incompetent or just at the mercy of one enemy or another and thought they were simply mistaken but trying hard. 

That turned out to be untrue, there were other, un-revealed, goals altogether and the plan is working well and will bear fruit soon. This condition is aided and abetted by the follower who just doesn't believe the game can be as cruel as it will soon become.

The overwhelming preponderance of socially approved media input has convinced almost everyone to join in producing their own impoverishment by continuing to follow the leader and giving homage to his directions and advice.

There are some thoughts of Buddha from the Dhammapada at the end of the video that casts doubt on the reliability of the value system that is guiding the course of world government.  I added them because they reflect the ideas I had in writing the poem. Humanities problems are the result of a failed value system the cure is to replace the current value system with a better one.  This means our problems are fundamentally spiritual and not fundamentally political.

So those were some of the thoughts which provoked me to write the poem below.

The Supper Of Fools

There is complete control,
but there is no justice
if the truth be told.
There's sound and fury,
demon voices fill the air
whispering; "all is lost, all is lost,
there's nothing's left but despair."

So lift up your glass
and I'll burn some grass
we'll have a good time
as long as time lasts.

you sing your song
and I'll sing mine
we'll sing together
until the end of time.

The game is rigged
we know that's true,
but there's not one damned thing
we can do...
but play the game.

So lift up your glass
and I'll burn some grass,
we'll have a good time
as long as time lasts;

you sing your song
and I'll sing mine
and we'll meet again
at the end of time

we'll start again
knowing what not to do;
but for now we'll just party on down
and enjoy the supper of fools.

Poetry and video by David H. Roche (C) 2016
The music track "Stuck In Winter Funk" by Bill Canino is used by permission

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