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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Today and Tomorrow

(Click on highlighted text for photographs.)

The woodpile is smaller than yesterday
and today is colder.

Even so, the fire burns

and the house is warm;

I do not hope.
Hope is for the unbelieving.

I know death is a hoax:
When does the universe take
without giving back?

Text and photographs Copyright 2009 by David H. Roche

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Redneck Tales: The Redneck As Sports Narrator

"The ring necked pheasant is
one of the world's most beautiful birds.
The striking multi-colored vest has
lead it to be called
the peacock of North America.

The name comes from
the bright white ring
around his throat.
It is especially eye catching in the sunshine
against the contrasting plumage."

The redneck spoke
and his boots crunched
on the bird's neck as he bent
to remove his arrow.

I suppose he subscribes
to Hustler too.

Photograph,video and text Copyright 2009 by David H. Roche

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I Saw God Today

The first of the three Gatti - Ward fights was the best. The other two were simply money makers for HBO. The first was an honest all out brawl that lived up to the pre-fight hype. The 9th round represents everything good about boxing and the human spirit. (Click on highlighted segments for videos.)

The look on Gatti's face after the left hook to the liver early on in the 9th round says it's over. The spirit in his heart says it isn't. He got up at the count of 9 and a half.

Gatti up to this point in his career was noted for having the shit beaten out of him, fighting with both eyes swollen shut and coming back to score a knock out. His handlers, most likely for pecuniary reasons, took control of him and changed his style. It prolonged his career and earned him a lot of money. This is representative of turning boxing into a politically correct sport where the human spirit takes a back seat. Promoters have different agendas.

Boxing has from its inception, at least in the fighters heart, been about the human spirit. Men fighting with their ears almost torn off and dangling, men climbing back into the ring, men not giving up. If you are a real human, man or woman, you're a 9 and a half count human and you get up.

God is manifested in the human face.

I saw God today.
Both of him in an 18
square foot ring.

Gatti - Ward 1.
He died and was

resurrected in
Round 9. Both
of him.

I knelt.
and worshiped.

Text © David H. Roche 2009

Friday, January 09, 2009


The tide is the evidence of being connected to everything else.

The implications of this are immense.

The tide is the dance of the earth, moon and sun. (Click on photographs to enlarge them)

On the beach At Lincoln City 11/09/05

The heaving and rolling
is constant.

The Pacific:
a Zen masters Koan.

A smile in the gray dawn at the recognition
that the universe both sings
and dances.

The tide is a returning and a continuing. The photos that follow are a representation of that eternal notion. Nothing leaves but that it returns. The tide is continually recycling the contents of the ocean and depositing them on the shore. It is a metaphor that speaks of something.

Having come from somewhere near Idaho
in ages that have no history attached to them this monolith, Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach Oregon, stands as a representative of change and the tremendous forces associated with life on earth. Eventually it will be smooth sand and no consciousness will have noticed it occurring.

This is the reality we must accommodate ourselves to because it is the only reality. That being said, I believe there is more here than meets the eye. Something is going on.

What a wonderful mystery.

Text and photographs Copyright 2009 by David H. Roche

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