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Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Walk With Mr. Hemmingway

(Click on highlighted texts for videos)

I put the chicken in the freezer,
it's there when you come.

We won't get to say good-bye but it's okay;
I always planned to die alone.

Our spirits and flesh have mingled;
both were good.

Take the chicken from the freezer
and please take care of my cats.

Copyright 2010 David H. Roche

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Two Poems In The Zen Tradition

(Click on photographs to enlarge them)

Nothing More To Say

Day is leaving,
slate gray displaces blue
across the surface of the pond.

Light shimmers,
wild ducks approach
expecting corn,
while the President and congress
wage war for profits in the future.

Unaware there is a future
the sun sets as they grunt
and eat at my feet.

What Is A Ruby Worth?

Today I learned
the eye of a coot
shines like a ruby
held in sunlight.

That was all I could bear
for one day.

All photography and text Copyright 2010 by David H.Roche

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