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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Meditation On Creation

I made the video below from photography and art while meditating on the theme in the creation account in Genesis 1.  

I'm fascinated by the juxtaposition of light and darkness, evening and morning and unlimited form from the formless void.

What are these opposites saying? 

Below are independent observers at the end of the present paradigm.

(C) 2014 David H. Roche

Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Reality Associated With Pipelines

There is a move under way to put a Liquefied Natural Gas Pipeline terminal in town on the side of the Columbia River. The facility is planned to be a few miles from where the river opens up to the Ocean and a few miles from where I live.

From 1986 to 2013 over 7000 Pipeline failures have occurred in the U.S. killing over 500 people. Over 2000 people have been injured and nearly 7 billion dollars of property damage have resulted from pipeline failures.

Like many people across the nation our lives and health are imperiled by projects like these associated with energy extraction and delivery activities. You can get an idea how safe these pipelines are at this website.  Recently a jury awarded nearly 3 million dollars against one corporate polluter in Texas.

The video inside the link is a short animation of a map of the U.S. Beginning in 1986. A dot is placed in every location where there was a pipeline failure. Along the bottom a script of the dirty details of spills, deaths, injuries and property damage appear.

If you are not appalled at the number of dots on the map at the end you are probably in favor of the program of the carbon mongers.

It is not only if and when a pipeline breaks that ecological damage and death result. Far more are killed by the successful delivery of the product by means of air pollution the product causes. One in eight deaths are associated with air pollution.

The carbon mongers have the money needed to get politicians to make the laws they like. The politicians make those laws for them setting the stage for scenarios like this to become future problems.

In 1970 congress was in favor of fresh air and water and an unpolluted environment.  1970 was the year of the first Earth Day.  A history of the modern ecological movement is available here.  It was popular to want to protect the earth from unscrupulous 
corporate polluters.  

Today those notions do not come easily from the lips of elected representatives.  Today carbon is the savior they look to for economic restoration. Restoring the environment and protecting the environment is not the priority it was in 1970. Today the Congressperson’s concern for the viability of the environment is moderated by the prospect of industrial expansion, jobs and profit.

The local paper covered a small protest of the planned LNG terminal. Read it here. The scarcity of employment in the area and the hope of future jobs make some willing to accept the risk.   The carbon mongers certainly hope the people are hungry enough to exchange the possibility of losing fresh air and water for jobs. The people here have their backs against the wall as do many communities across the nation.

A previous LNG terminal proposal was turned down by the people last year after a struggle lasting years. But this year the carbon mongers are back with the same old catastrophe to sell to a desperate economically challenged community where 7.2 percent of the people cannot find a job. It appears likely the LNG advocates will not stop until they get what they want.

This product will be sold overseas to people who will burn it adding to global air pollution.  As has been shown they will send the dirty products of combustion back across the ocean on air currents to rest here in the nearby mountain ranges polluting the land and air the product came from.

While thinking about this catastrophe waiting in the wings I made a little video from pictures of the locality and artwork. In the opening sequences is the beautiful blue Youngs Bay and on the left toward the top is the approximate location of the proposed terminal.  The video transitions to the seashore with people playing, and to hillside trails overlooking the sky blue Pacific; then it abruptly changes from serene natural beauty to a projection of what the scenery may be like when an industrial complex is located on the shoreline. If you like it, pass it on. Silence is assent.

Photography and Art by David H. Roche (C) 2014

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Announcing The Publication Of My Art

I would like to share this news with all of you reading my blog.  Some of my art was published today in “aaduna.”  aaduna is an online magazine dedicated to 
bringing the work of artists to the public.  I was pleased to have my art on the cover of their first issue and am more than pleased now to have this selection published. 

The art presented in this issue is built around the “Fire People” characters I have developed over the last few years.  You will notice “Jack” and “Qkjea” in many of them.

Click here  to open the current issue.  When looking for my work click on the section titled “Gallery” (or just click here) and then click on the old blue Ford truck to see the work I have contributed.  Below is the old Ford truck.  Clicking on it will not take you to the rest of my work, you have to do that at aaduna. 

The entire magazine is richly apportioned and each artist has something worthwhile to say. I feel very good having my work associated with theirs. I hope they feel the same. aaduna has attracted a bunch of very good artists,writers and poets.  Check out the entire magazine, you’ll be glad you did. Many of the contributors have degrees in art.  I have none. Being included is an honor. 

Thank you Bill and Lisa for all the work you have done getting this issue off the ground. It looks good to my eye.

Shaman's Path a new video and more

I made a video titled “Shaman’s Path”.  The shamanic 

intention of being in harmony with the environment is 

refreshing departure from the idea of being “at war” 

with nature.  Being “at war” with nature is the mindset 

of contemporary society.  Yes we can kill the earth, 

we can poison the water, the air and the soil but will 

we be winners if we succeed?

The war against nature at its heart is a spiritual battle 

and an outright blasphemy. If one conceives of a 

Creator, the greatest disrespect to the Creator is to fail 

to nurture what has been created.  The two sides 

could not be more clearly delineated.

Politicians are deciding at present whether or not to 

kill the planet off by their devotion to carbon based 

energy interests. Fresh air and water along with fertile 

land may or may not fall prey to economic 

adversaries.  Let’s hope they make the right decision.

We're talking about the world the next generation will 

live in. This and the last several generations have 

really screwed the planet over.  Will this generation 

begin an attempt to make amends, or nonchalantly 

carry on with business as usual?  

We’ll have to wait and see.

Below is a photograph I took on my first day living in 

Oregon. It was taken in the morning in the Columbia 

River Gorge by the Bonneville dam. Long gone are 

the almost unlimited populations of beaver. The 

salmon, whose numbers were described with almost 

disbelief in the journals of the Lewis and Clark 

expedition are now considered to be endangered.

Our way of life is snuffing theirs out. How many of 

our fellow creatures can we kill before we have signed 

our own death warrant?

Friday, April 18, 2014

Escape From The Carbon Fiend

I received this video today on the topic of fracking.  It is in harmony with the rest of this post so I am including it.  Pray for these people, they are facing a grave threat to their well being.

Destruction of the ability of the earth to support life is something many are opposed to.  However there is a small percentage of those among us who do not seem to care all that much one way or another. While not admitting it outright, their decision making and their lack of corrective action speak with an earsplitting volume.  

1 in 8 people will die as a result of air pollution.  In fact three times as many will die from air pollution than will die from automobile accidents.  A report by the World Health Organization gives the down and dirty on the subject. In the WHO report this alarming conclusion is made:  

"This finding more than doubles previous estimates and confirms that air pollution is now the world’s largest single environmental health risk."

The report went on to cite the various diseases resulting from both outdoor and indoor air pollution.

Outdoor air pollution-caused deaths – breakdown by disease:

40% – ischaemic heart disease;

40% – stroke;

11% – chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD);

6% - lung cancer; and

3% – acute lower respiratory infections in

Indoor air pollution-caused deaths – breakdown by disease:

34% - stroke;

26% - ischaemic heart disease;

22% - COPD;

12% - acute lower respiratory infections in children; and

6% - lung cancer.

What is responsible for air pollution and the resulting death toll?  The agents of death and disease by air pollution are listed at the National Park Service website.

The categories are as follows:  1. Gaseous Pollutants. 2. Particulates. 3. Toxic air pollutants.  4. Primary and secondary pollutants.

There are four categories listed as sources of this malady of death and disease.  Three of them are man made.

1.  Stationary and area sources.  2.  Mobile sources.  3.  Agricultural sources.  4. The fourth category is different from the preceding categories in that the pollution results from natural causes such as volcanoes, dust storms and wildfires, events which, for the most part, human activity does not create. All the rest are produced by human decision making and human activity.  It is recommended that you read the information at the links provided to be more fully informed about the threat produced by air pollution to your health, your life and that of your children and loved ones. 

After becoming informed you may be moved to see to it that the madness of polluting the environment is stopped. Much of the man made pollution has its origins in the way carbon is used. 

With that in mind I made the video below and titled it "Escape From The Carbon Fiend". Seeing the havoc air pollution causes the use of the word "Fiend" is a correct designation. As 8 million people a year are put in the grave by this activity, "Fiend" does seem to fit. The video is illustrated with photography and art of my own.

a Clear Running Water state of mind  

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Lets Talk About Carbon

I read the news today, oh boy. I knew it intuitively already and science has now shown my gut feelings to be correct.  The use of carbon based fuel is contributing to severe weather and climate change over the length and breadth of the planet.

I have been making environmental art depicting the results of society’s love affair with carbon based energy.  A while back I made a little video of my art on the topic of “King Carbon”.  It appears at this moment U.S.  Politicians have the desire to crucify the electorate on a cross of carbon as they fight feverishly to be sure big carbon interests construct the Keystone Pipeline across the belly of the nation’s bread basket.  They undertake this initiative despite the dismal track record of pipeline failures. The number is growing rapidly but the sheer number of pipeline failures which have occurred in the last 14 years is staggering.  We’ve been addicted to carbon for a long time.  We are now in the terminal stages of that addiction. What will we do?  Will we simply overdose and vanish from the planet?

Focusing on the Peoples Republic of China as the prime culprit in this matter of assault on the environment a team of scientists from Texas, California and Washington State published their findings in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences which I found in AlterNet today. It is not a comforting picture which you will see if you read the article.

I live on the west coast of the United States and for years it has been known that China is dumping their smokestack particulates in the nearby mountain ranges along the coast using Mother Nature as the delivery mechanism.  While using air currents to deliver their pollution to U.S. soil they make Mother Nature into an unwitting accomplice. 

The article in AlterNet says in part: “China’s air pollution could be intensifying storms over the Pacific Ocean and altering weather patterns in North America.”  Read the entire article at the AlterNet link above. It is a devastating expose of the malicious activity of carbon devotees.

The mountains of Oregon and Washington are not the only areas under attack from the continuous industrial barrage of Chinese smokestacks.  In an article at the website energybiz  it is revealed that as far back as “… 2001 dust carried from a storm in China that dropped on the US led to health advisories as far east as Atlanta Georgia.” How much is too much?  How is this substantially different from an adversary dispensing a disease causing virus in our cities? Why is it not considered state sponsored terrorism?

A short time ago I made a little video with art titled “Carbon, Climate Change and Cyclones.”   My gut feelings have been proved correct by these revelations in the news.  Why this activity by China is not considered an act of terrorism perpetrated on the population of the United States is a question American citizens need to ask their elected representatives repeatedly until they get a satisfactory answer.  This is indeed a public health issue.  You’re supposed to be vaccinated for measles to avoid epidemics.  But China, a foreign nation, is allowed to drop its poison from the skies across our land regardless of the health and social calamities which ensue.  Has China assumed the role of a 21st century Typhoid Mary? Is it going to go on from place to place doing business and destroying the rest of the world while it prospers? 

And of course it is not only China.  China has enablers in the legislative halls of the U.S. in the ‘person’ of U.S. coal, oil and gas developers who give money to lawmakers in exchange for legislation favoring them. All of these ‘persons’ should also be held accountable for the disease and havoc their actions create. 

This article in the Sightline Daily demonstrates what I have said:   “Big Coal and Big Oil know that, in their business, political friends are worth their weight in gold. An academic study of one case of corporate lobbying estimated the return on investment at 22,000 percent: a dollar spent earned $220. Jack Abramoff, the convicted, influence-peddling super-lobbyist, pegged the return on investment of one project at 100,000 percent: $4 million dollars in lobbying cash purchased a $4 billion tax break for Tyco International.” Read more at the link.

It should be clear that if carbon use is not curtailed the next generation of humanity and the rest of life on the planet is in for hard times. 

With that in mind I made the little video titled “Carbon, Climate Change and Cyclones” . I was just moved to make it because it’s all I can do to make my voice heard and feel as if I didn’t give up without a fight. These bastards are killing us.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Autumn Leaves: poetry and photography

I wrote the poem decades ago and it has undergone several changes in that time and will probably undergo more as time goes on.  The photographs, most of them, were taken on the porch of a place I once lived. 

Rainy days with breakthrough sunlight provide striking effects.

Summer has come and gone and from the looks of it will continue to do so.

The photographs were taken in Fleming New York by myself.  I made the video below including a spoken poem titled "Autumn Leaves".

All work (C) 2014 by David H. Roche

Monday, April 07, 2014

Dreamlandia: New video and art

"Dreamlandia" is a visit to a frequency where non-ordinary occurrences are to be expected.

Dreamlandia is like the trash bin where important information is rediscovered just before the janitor comes to empty it.

Art (C) 2014 By David H. Roche

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Dancing With The Tao

I snapped a picture out the window while crossing the bay.  The light was dramatic.  The picture came out different from what my eyes saw.  The ambiance in the picture is darker but it was brighter with more blue to my eye.  

I liked the contrast and starkness in the colors in this photo so I decided to combine it with a favorite picture which I use over and over again for the effects it possesses.

The photo below was made from a photo of a sunset at Crater Lake in Oregon. I combined it with the previous photo and some other photos of sky and clouds and worked on them. The result is in the video below.

I had a hard time naming it and settled on Dancing With The Tao. The idea just kept developing.

Photography and art by David H. Roche
(C) 2014

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