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Monday, April 24, 2017

A Walk Down 14th Street To The River

The little city of Astoria Oregon on the banks of the Columbia River is a photographer's paradise. The clustering of houses paints the hillside with a variety of colors evoking an almost storybook kind of feeling. 

The weather often changes abruptly with extremes ranging from bright sunshine, to drops of ice cold rain, clouds and hail and back again to bright sunshine sometimes accompanied by high winds. However the mercurial weather provides the dramatic lighting effects the photographer delights in.  Be sure to bring a poncho along, chances are you'll need it.  If not today you'll likely need it tomorrow. The changing weather may sound like a bummer but in reality it gives the photographer an ever changing progression of photo opportunities.

I took the bus into town and got off on 14th St. at about the middle of the hill which leads down to the river.   All along the way the bridge peeks out between the buildings.

I took photographs on the way down the steep sidewalks to the riverside and put them into a video. You can check it out below.

At the end of 14th St. is a pier with a bench and viewing area that looks out over the river on three sides, width, upstream, downstream and up the steep hillside on the Astoria side.  

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Day Trip To Ilwaco

Ilwaco is a small community that has a strong natural connection with the Pacific Ocean and the Columbia River.  The locale is a picturesque setting on the water's edge.  While not big in size Ilwaco has a goodly number of unique shops and places to eat and drink. 

The Pacific Ocean and the Columbia River are awe inspiring.  So in this land of rain and clouds I decided immediately upon seeing 100 percent sunlight to go across the river and take some pictures. 

I got a real good sunburn and some fairly good pictures. I snapped the one below with my phone camera while on the bus overlooking Marine Drive. 

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Morning at the Cove

"Morning at the Cove" consists of pictures and video I took on a couple of days.  The video of the surfers was taken well over a year ago and the other pictures and video were taken this month.

The Cove attracts surfers and it is unusual not to see some. It was fun watching the surf and the surfers playing with each other. 

Monday, April 10, 2017

The Warlords: a poem for national poetry month

A poem I wrote and which was published by aaduna in 2011 about the endless warfare embarked on by the consent of the nations titled "The Warlords:After Reading Du Fu Advent of Spring". The poem is being republished by aaduna in participation with National Poetry Month.  

The poem will be online for 24 hours at this link.    If you miss it the poem is below the picture.  I made the picture a few days ago while contemplating the plight of the refugees being driven from their homes by the Warlords of the current crop of leaders.

The poem that inspired me to write this, Advent of Spring, can be read at this link.  The Chinese were no strangers to endless war just like us. 

The Warlords
After reading Du Fu, “Advent of Spring”

The warriors have ruled
from time immemorial.
They have come and gone and come again
time after time:

nations, princes, and kings one after another
building on the pile of corpses
stacked beneath their feet.
None have served the people honestly.

Who has given them control?
Where have they come from?
Will they ever leave us alone
to raise our families
and die in our own beds
with our children by our side?

Their grip is on our neck
and they force us
to our grave
in their search for
others to plunder.

They cannot live without war;
it is their meat and drink
as ours is the hearth
and the embrace of our lovers.

They declare those who cry for
peace and complain of war
‘enemies of the state’
and seek to silence them

while we the people are victims
of their lust
and made to pay for their
desires to be satisfied.

Will they ever leave us alone
to raise our families
and die in our own beds
with our children by our side?

© 2011 David H. Roche           

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