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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Republicrats: an overview


Republicrats are the offspring of Democratic and Republican approaches to extorting money from the taxpayer. They also grant tax exemptions to a lucky few which makes them very sought after people. Their appearance (see image below) is not the result of their unusual approach to the reproduction of their own kind as first assumed. Later research, however, showed clearly that their appearance is due to the change in values required in order to become eligible to be considered a Republicrat.

Republicrat sex shuns conventional human style sexual encounters and instead reproduces by means of group sodomy which takes place in a context known as the electoral process. This process lasts a maximum of two years and culminates on the evening of Election Day. It is preceded by a year long orgiastic courtship resembling a rough and humiliating S & M relationship. Those contending for office behave like inebriated teenagers hurling insults at each other before kissing and making up. The offspring of this mating ritual is the winner of the election. The whole nation "oos and aahs" at him and goes to bed hungry.

For most Americans the method of reproduction used by Republicrats just doesn’t make sense. The birthing process seems even more inscrutable. The birth of a Republicrat itself has never been observed, unlike their reproductive activity. It is known that the gestation of a Republicrat fetus takes place in either the anus or the cheek of the partner designated to give birth.

Gestation for a Republicrat fetus varies from two years, to as little as two months. The raising of the normal Republicrat is unnecessary because they are born full grown. They are freed from the cares of those they serve whose children are raised by state funded day care, taught by state authorized education, where they learn to vote for the Republicrat of their choice when they grow-up.

Republicrats bring new meaning to the word ‘congress’.

Below is an artistic representation of a 'normal' Republicrat. A Republicrat somewhere is leading you into the future.

Art and text by David H. Roche (C) 2012

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Co-incidences Involving Interdependent Entities

I just began with a doodle. I took a random picture from my collection and began to monkey with it. The picture I chose is below.

From the image above the one below was taken.

Making pictures in this way is terribly relaxing. The mind and body linkage in the creative process encourages a spontaneous concentration of attention. It is a refreshing sensation to be so fully engaged in the process. The result of simply following what develops can often be startling. I tend to think there is a connection made with the unconscious mind such as in automatic writing. The whole process seems somewhat magical to me.

I made a video utilizing some of the developments as I tinkered with the images. You can see it by clicking here.

All work done by David H. Roche (C) 2012

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