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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Marijuana... God says it is good

Marijuana is legal for anyone over 21 to use in the State of Oregon. Oregonians have made more freedoms for themselves than most of the other 49 states.
In 1970, in New York, we'd sit around cross-legged on the floor listening to The Moody Blues, Cream, The Yard Birds, and Pink Floyd telling ourselves pot would be legal soon as we passed a joint around the circle.  I had a cat who would follow the joint around the circle and want the smoke to be blown in his face. Yes that is a true anecdote.

Of course marijuana wasn't made legal, thanks to Nelson Rockefeller, Richard Nixon and their co-conspirators against this freedom. Of course a complicit and brainwashed American public making decisions based on untruths from the mouths of authority figures aided and abetted those nere do wells. Authority should always be questioned, don't forget that.

It is interesting to note that my generation, the baby boomers, have finally stood up for their rights as created beings on a planet produced to take care of them.  The article in the link at the top of the page reveals the following about my generation. 

"The image of marijuana-using seniors might seem strange, but it is the byproduct of a graying counterculture. Much of the baby boom generation was in college during the 1960s and 70s, and have had much more familiarity with the drug than previous generations."

"In Colorado, since legalization, many dispensaries have seen the largest portion of sales going to baby boomers and people of retirement age,” West said.

The folks at the sales counters agree: Their clientele has proven to be surprisingly mature."

"Our demographic is not punk kids,” added Karl Keich, founder of Seattle Medical Marijuana Association, a collective garden in Washington State. “About half of the people coming into our shop are seniors. It’s a place where your mother or grandmother can come in and feel safe."

Marijuana is a wonderful safe product.  It is an intoxicant, a medicine, a respite from a hard day at work and much, much more. You should not find yourself in jeopardy of losing your job or going to jail or having to pay a fine for using what God made and subsequently declared good. 

It is an socially compelling portent that the figures show so many seniors trekking to the states where marijuana is legal and where they will end their days.

I came across a remarkable product out here called BHO (butane hash oil) commonly known as 'dabs'. Believe me like the old hair care product jingle from the 1950's advertisements proclaimed, 'a little dab will do ya'.   It provides almost instant relief from what ails you from pain to depression and many things in between.  Pain and depression are conditions seniors regularly experience on their trek to the grave. In Oregon we have the freedom to choose whether or not to toke, we can even choose how and when to die.  It's nice God thought to make marijuana for us old folks. And he was right, it is good.

You can seize that freedom in your state too. Stand up for your rights!   Power to the People.

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