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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Vespers Along The River: thoughts about the Trump agenda

Vespers along the river  

I've included three videos of nature scenes and some art as illustrations. It is difficult to maintain equanimity when discord and deceit comprise the information society offers for your consumption. 

Information overload is a malady afflicting those in a society with 24 hour news outlets continually regurgitating the obscenity that is the Trump White House.

We really don't need it. I'm of the opinion that this continual onslaught promoted by our political hacks and the corporate press which panders this poison is not doing a positive service to the consumer.  On the other hand I do think the 24 hour regurgitation of the same news is a feature in society which has a harmful effect on the mental and physical health of the consumer.

President Trump has disgraced the nation.  From Pussy Grabber In Chief, to Liar in Chief, President Trump has sacked the values the nation had previously embraced. Traditional values such as honesty, virtue, compassion, liberty and justice for all are not to be found in the Trump White House. The 24 hour news stream reminds us that this is not the America of past generations. 

It is situations like this when the insane and morally depraved have taken control of the government that the human spirit begins to ask itself questions it never before felt the need to ask: 
"Is this mad man going to be the end of us all?"  
"What does it mean?"  
"What is going to come of this?" 
"Will it ever be normal again?"

At times like this it is helpful to spend some time in silence contacting your inward self. In the silence you will find your answer. Do not ask anyone to give you an answer. Find your own answer. I attempt to remedy the harm done to my mind by contact with the news by spending time with nature.  The natural world has its dangers but it is not diabolically creating ways to ruin your life the way the Republicans have been doing.

Lies and deceit are the currency of those in power.  If they told you the truth about what plans they have for the future you would rise in revolt.  So they lie, constantly, without shame or fear of consequences. The result is we end up with a man like Donald Trump as leader.  

The Republican party has been working night and day for months to provide a worthless health insurance program for Americans. Can it be described in more blunt words than to portray the Republican Party and the Trump Administration as "anti-human"? John McCain gets all his medical bills paid by the government. Don't you deserve the same? Yes you do! Republican and probably most Democratic lawmakers don't think you should have the health insurance they take for granted as elites. Their response to the healthcare needs of the citizen represents an anti-human pro-business agenda on their part. The reader might ask him or herself if it makes sense to pledge allegiance to a government that thinks you're not worth keeping alive and healthy? 

Spiritually I understand this all to be a tempest in a teapot, sound and fury not much at all. Not much at all because the spiritual perspective allows one to see we're gonna keep on truckin'.  We will survive, even if we have to pass through the flames. 

It's difficult for many to believe there is something more fundamental to our life than the present insanity created by Donald Trump and his associated fiends in the Republican and Democratic parties. But there is. It is the place from which we came and the place to which we will return. Donald Trump has no way of enforcing an executive order against the God of heaven, but I would expect him to try if God got in his face and said: Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin as God is reported to have done to others.

For peace of mind limit the information you receive. A 24 hour input of fear and uncertainty will surely harm your soul. Spend portions of your time with yourself in solitude. Contact that still small voice inside of you which is occluded by the constant input of rotten information from the news outlets. When the human spirit is in desperate need solitude and prayer, or meditation, or just letting your heart express it's fears to the universe will open a door for you. But you need to give yourself an honest chance. Isn't it time to banish Babylon from your mind? 

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Litany of the Poor and Oppressed: a poem by David H. Roche

"Litany of the Poor and Oppressed" is a poem by David H. Roche made into a video utilizing his art and political consciousness.

The line before the last line has a 'freudian slip in it' which I left in because it 'works'. 

The first word in the sentence is spoken "May' but it is written 'My'.  It should be 'My'. I like it saying 'My', and if you do wish to reproduce this do so at no cost to yourself as long as you change nothing and give me credit for the art and poem.  

 "Power to the People."  We're all in the same god damned ship named the Pequod with Captain Trump, republican and democrat, at the helm taking us to our fate.  

Why do people hate foreigners who invade their nation and kill their families?  Why do the brutalized become brutal? Chris Hedges produces a scenario to help you understand.  

What would you feel inside of yourself if someone you didn't know just came in and murdered your family for political purposes? This is what we're talking about with the lack of evidence for WMD's.  At one moment in history it has been claimed the invasion of Iraq was a war crime. 

Many still believe it was a war crime

Thursday, July 06, 2017

An Introduction To Free Speech

I got my introduction to the notion of political free speech in 1964 while watching the evening news. There was a time when the news was not entirely propaganda. Click the link and hear Mario Savio deliver his famous speech. It may inspire you.

Around the supper table watching the evening news with my parents I witnessed all this happening, not understanding what it was all about. I was still in high school. I would be drafted within two years and expected to shed my blood in Vietnam. I was clueless. Just the kind of draftee the government wanted. 

The rebellion of the students in Berkeley, based on the principle of free speech lead inexorably to protesting the Vietnam War which was at that time being set up and established under false premises by the U. S. Government.

Below is a video of Fourth of July fireworks at a family picnic. We had hamburgers, goodies and beer. We also had pot. I live in a marijuana legal state.  A good time was had by all and not a soul died. 

The Pentagon Papers establish beyond a doubt the outright lies of those government officials who wished to attack Vietnam. Yes, it was all based on an 'official lie' as was the Iraq war and the subsequent mayhem and anti-human activities being carried out in the middle east at the present with American made weapons of mass destruction.

As long as the impetus of government is as it is now we can only expect war and horror for the foreseeable future.  It has been promised to us by the politicians.

Well people, it's in your hands.

Are you going to give in?

It's up to you!

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