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Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Light Shining Through

This old barn has caught my attention of late. I have photographed it often in the recent past. This evening at dusk just before sunset I went out with my camera to see what I would find. I found the old barn as usual and noticed a speck of light shining through it. It was something I had not noticed before. It certainly has to do with the time of day. The light was coming from the west side and shining through the window on the east. I took these photographs.

I found that the window in the barn actually peers through one side of the barn and out of the other; perhaps it is not a window on the other side, but a hole made by the passage of time.

I see a metaphor of many things with the old barn having served its usefulness; full of accumulated junk and now the light shining through.

On my 60th birthday I feel an affinity with the old wreck of a barn and sense the light shining through myself.

Soon the night will come.

And the morning must of necessity follow.

Photographs and text copyright by David H. Roche 2006

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