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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Catching The Sun

Working nights has its benefits. Moments like these would be lost in the hurry to get to work and the fog of sleep. But coming home from work I'm wide awake and the coming of sunrise offers a tranquil way to slow the mind down.

What follows is the capture of a sunrise after a freezing rain in early March 2008. If you click on the photographs they will enlarge.

Colors appear in the East.
soft and muted through the thicket
on the hill.

Then the sun appears
on the hills
on the other side of the lake

and kindles in the tinder of branches
at the edge of my yard

setting them on fire.

Ice droplets
in the tree tops
sparkle in the morning sun
against a blue sky.

In the thicket below something else is happening.

A curtain
of ice crystals sparkles.

It dazzles the eyes.

Becoming more

and more

intricate each moment.

Greater beauty emerges


Some of it


giving something to reflect on.

Text and Photographs Copyright 2008 by David H. Roche

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