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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Dinner at Green Shutters (Lovers, an interlude on a summer afternoon)

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Dinner in the patio,
the afternoon sun creates a maze on the grass

leaving me lost in the spackle of sunlight and shadows
lost in fish fries and coffee.

Soft breezes in the shade,
a chipmunk plays in the cavities of a stone wall,
disappearing and reappearing at a location further down.

The waitress, just out of high school in shorts
with tanned legs, sweet rounded hips and breasts swelling
beneath her tee shirt has been taught
the technique of flirting for tips without understanding what it means.

A couple my age,
he, gray haired, hers dyed, sip wine at another table.
He rises with a camera and kneels,
while she, in a white pleated skirt, adjusts herself as he takes the picture.

Memories to be kept.
They are lovely and enjoying each other.

Now they’re gone
and two young boys sit down and begin
to flirt with the waitress.

Photograph and text Copyright 2008 David H. Roche

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