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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Today and Tomorrow

(Click on highlighted text for photographs.)

The woodpile is smaller than yesterday
and today is colder.

Even so, the fire burns

and the house is warm;

I do not hope.
Hope is for the unbelieving.

I know death is a hoax:
When does the universe take
without giving back?

Text and photographs Copyright 2009 by David H. Roche


Brenda said...

Hi Dave. I clicked the link from your TCP post. The photos are perfectly suited to the text here! I understand the shrinking woodpile - I have one myself. And also a body that seems to lose energy every year, no matter how much fuel I feed it.

Great blog! I'll have a further look around now that I'm here.


The Shaman said...

Thanks Brenda. Glad you came. I thought they worked well too.

Life is full of little things that make sense.


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