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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Retirement Pieing

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Last Thursday morning the 26th of March I got pied as part of a going away tradition in the place I used to work at. Its a strange concept, getting used to not working. I have lots to do here to get ready and I have to begin today. After breakfast.

I don't know how the pie-ing tradition came into being. Other stores in the chain do not celebrate leaving the job in such a way, and in the store I was working only the night crew department does. And if you've been there a while and then leave you get pied at some point in you last night.

Don't trust anyone that night


Anonymous said...

omggggggggg Dave i wish i was there that night. i wish you the best of luck, and i miss picking on you and making you the smiley faces. we have worked together between auburn and fairmount for over 22 1/2 years.. remember the deli haha take care and plzz keep in touch........

The Shaman said...

Well you found it Linda. Yeah you should have been there. It was a lot of fun. Rocky did a great job with the pie.

Photo bucket took the cake down saying it did not meet their standards.


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