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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Some Thoughts I Got From A Common Slug

(Click on highlighted text and photo.)

I was on the way across the street to the duck pond when I saw this fantastically beautiful creature right in front of the garden gate. The morning sun was shining on him as
he was going about his business being a slug. Click the highlighted 'slug' for an Oregon Public Broadcasting video interview with the 'Slug Lady'.

The majority of people regard these creatures as pests. I believe this is indicative of a particular view promoted by western civilization based on a faulty starting place in the thinking process. Click here to find what I regard as the proper starting place to begin thinking about ourselves and our place in the universe.

My thoughts on the slug I found at my gate.

Here he and she is. He and she is the right designation because slugs are hermaphrodites. And he and she is going about his and her business doing slug stuff.

From a parochial human point of view that business involves destroying 'my garden'. Which is a very nearsighted view. This nearsightedness is an all to common human tendency. That concept is explored in the highlighted links above.

The conventional approach that exemplifies the traditional western philosophy of regarding oneself and ones environment is basically that of domination and subduing. Slash, burn, conquer and if deemed necessary destroy.

There is another way to consider the relationship humans have with the earth. It's described in this brief video.

Enjoy our slug today. The ducks across the street will find him tasty. Which is the way it should be. The coyotes in the hills often come and grab a duck at night. Which is the way it should be. Someday I'll be unable to walk out my gate; which is the way it should be.

Enjoy our slug today.

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