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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The Heron Illusion

(Click on highlighted texts and photographs for further information)

I saw the heron alight on a partially submerged tree. I got my camera and went out.

The light was muted. It was cloudy and even though the sun was up it was not a large presence. (a feature I find desirable about the area is the way the weather creates different light scenarios.}

The pond is connected to the Skipanon River, which is affected by the tide as the Skipanon is connected to Youngs Bay and from there to the Pacific Ocean. As a result there are smolt to feed on.

This is what I found. A hallucination of ripples in the water; heron and ducks going about their business at sunrise.

The ripples in the water speak to me of time passing and of my own impermanence.

Copyright by David H. Roche 2010

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