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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Consider the Lilies

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Black scud, sun, hail
and sun again
all in a few minutes;
such is coastal weather.

“Sparing indeed is nature of its talk:
The whirlwind will not last the morning out;
The cloudburst ends before the day is done.”

Ducks, sparrows and doves (video click)
appear unperturbed
whether pelted with ice
or warmed by sunshine.

Having abandoned the ‘Kingdom’
fearing the future has become a way of life,
while those secure in the province of the King
are carefree.

Quotation from Tao Te Ching Translated by Raymond B. Blakney 1955

Title taken from Matthew 6:28

Most people, even Christians, think Jesus is foolish when he encourages people not to worry about the future. When he encourages a life that does not envision tomorrow most are prone to laugh. Believers will explain the words away declaring he does not mean what he says.

Jesus came teaching about the kingdom of God in which natures processes were Gods method of maintaining life and order.

Do the lilies grow, are the birds fed? Does God care for you? Well according to Jesus God cares and has a system that shows it.

For most Americans this concept is meaningless. Common sense says there is a future to prepare for and that gold, the symbol of creature comforts, is the solution to the fear of the future.

The God of Jesus,which he called 'Father' has become irrelevant to most Christians because they have accepted the explanation of modern society whose confidence relies on politicians and manufacturers to provide the needs of life.

The God of Jesus is the one who brings the seasons. Seed time and harvest are his province. However present society populated by Christians and atheists alike have abandoned trust in the 'Father' of Jesus.

Jim Hightower has shown just what some of the consequences of abandoning trust in God are.

America claims to be a Christian nation. When it organizes itself the way it has is it possible to maintain such a view with any credibility? The result of lacking faith in the 'Father' results in the consequences Jim Hightower has pointed out.

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