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Thursday, December 16, 2010

I Offer You The Spirit

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The way I see it this life is a mystery and something designated as 'SPIRIT' is the cause. If not, 'oh well'.

What I sought to convey in this picture is 'God' the center figure delivering the 'Spirit' in the form of a bird to the natural world.

This is of course using a juxtaposition of images that refer to something but are not literally representative of what they actually are pointing to. In their entirety they represent the infinite state of existence.

In our finitude defined by our mortality we need to conceive of something like 'God'. We use the designation 'God' to explain the 'Unexplainable'.

I would agree, in that context the 'Unexplainable' is 'God'. We just don't know how this thing we are experiencing came about and what we are trying to know dwarfs us.

Maybe the Buddhists are right about the primacy of consciousness and maybe consciousness and its perceiver together make up 'God'.

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All the work except the song in the video by the Waterboys was done by me.

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