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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Surveillance State (art poster)

Who would have thought that the U.S. would become a surveillance state like the totalitarian regimes it warned us about? We were told how good it was not to live in them because we were free and they were not free. They had secret police. We, of course, did not.

Once upon a time we had a constitution to guard us from the predatory instincts inherent in the nature of a government bureaucracy. Much of that security has been removed. Now the military can stop you and arrest you. Now the police with encouragement by the Federal Government conduct searches without warrants.

Now personal property can be taken without due process and the owner of the property likewise taken without due process. Experiences like that pissed off Tom Jefferson and George Washington. Depending which side you favored they were either traitors or heroes.

Glenn Greenwald in an article published on AlterNet has described the effect the state of siege on personal privacy has on the human personality and how it will change society as a whole.

Since the surveillance state is a reality I made the poster to reflect that reality. The image at the top of the page (at least for the present) is the image offered for sale. You can see it better in the larger version. It can be ordered in multiple sizes and there are a variety of frame styles and sizes available. You'll have fun watching the faces peeking at you from all angles. It may make you ask: "Where in the world did America go?"

Clicking on the image will take you to my store at where you can decide which size you want for your wall.

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