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Friday, August 17, 2012

Drone Systems Inc.

Drone Systems Inc. is offering a domestic product line of its very successful drone combat unit. The unit originally designed for the military as a way of replacing combat troops and eliminating injuries now has an application for the domestic market.

Drone Systems has completely overhauled its military line of combat robot drones to meet the rising needs of the domestic market. Originally intended for the military, the drone robots have all the tools and effectiveness of a military command attack bunker turned toward peaceful means. The domestic product line has been completely retrofitted to the needs of the contemporary American community.

The domestic drone unit is easy to operate and designed for communities of any size, from tiny hamlets to the metropolis. Because of high technology and low labor costs any community can maintain public safety at a 99% savings compared to the average public payroll. The entire force is supervised by one operator from a command bunker. The robot controlled drone public safety agents do not need to be paid and do not require the burdensome expenses for compensation insurance or health insurance. The savings on pensions and wages paid to public employees who simply do not deserve their salaries or benefits will be immense and immediate.

This innovative product will enable any mayor, city manager, county executive or governor to easily balance a worrisome budget and still be able to have a fine Christmas party. All these benefits come about simply by slashing jobs from the public payroll and putting expensive employees on the street.

This robot drone technology when applied to the public sphere is designed to eliminate all but the highest level jobs in governments of any size. Since it has been proven that the working man and women are the problem, eliminating them from the public payroll is the only just and fair thing to do. Making them unemployed has become politically correct. Since they won't work for peanuts, they won't have to work at all.

An additional plus to this technology is that it is easily adapted to the prison system. Communities can now be relieved of the expense of having to pay for someone to watch over the criminals the robots capture. The savings from putting prison employees on the unemployment line amounts to billions of dollars per year nationwide.

Any community can benefit from this product while maintaining the public safety. Putting public employees out of work will result in positive cash flow to any government agency that installs the next generation of drone employee replacements in their city, state or federal government.

Drone Systems Inc. envisions an employee free government bureaucracy with no payroll. You have asked if we can help. Well yes we can. We can end your budget problems now.

Drone Systems Inc. and it's product applications are approved by your Republicrat representative who makes money for us while cutting costs for those managing the economy.

R.A.T. Bastard
CEO Drone Systems Inc.

Social commentary on the tactics of the Tea Party

(C) 2012 David H. Roche

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