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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

"I Think I Took Too Much" things to do when it rains


It's a rainy November day in Warrenton.
It rained all day,
sometimes harder than other times.
The old timers don't comment anymore.

The wind blew hard,
sometimes harder
in repeated surges
separated from each other
bursting like escaped calves from a stall
knocking down fences in a frenzy,
tearing off roof-tops
and disappearing.

It's easy to imagine how the coast will take the brunt of climate change. We are truly on the edge of the apocalypse. After seeing what climate change has caused along the east coast the west coast must know its days are numbered.

And if the weather doesn't do it old Mother Earth just might decide to kick Juan de Fuca out of bed and shake things up.

On long rainy days when it get's dark early keeping busy is important. If a person becomes bored in a situation like this the walls start moving. Kind of like 'cabin fever'. To avoid the problem I invade the space of rain and gloom with my camera and imagination.

I saw in the window lights across the street and the reflections on the glass. I wondered if I took a picture if I could capture some of what I saw. Well take a look. I snapped a series of pictures below and added them to each other. Then I began to transform them further.

I worked on these images for a while and came up with a lot of interesting stuff. I put them into the video below. I utilized sounds from which added quite an effect to the images.

"Rain" A poem by David H. Roche (c) 2012

All images (c) by David H. Roche

All audio used by creative commons agreements are attributed at the end of the video.

a Clear Running Water state of mind

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