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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Conversations With Time And Tide

I put together some photos taken on the beach.  The cycles of the tide inspire me to think of transience, impermanence and the ever changing flux that makes up life. 

I photographed bits and pieces of shells, sticks and stones which had been washed ashore some of which were in the process of being washed into shore.

I also photographed the skeleton of the Peter Iredale which ran aground in October of 1906.  Since then the remains of the ship have been a tourist attraction. The wreckage has a somber beauty to it.  My eye was caught by the texture of the metal.

The collections of stones scattered on the shore by the random motion of the tides caught my interest. 

The array of natural coloring was a pleasure as were their shapes.

A broken sand dollar with a feather resting temporarily on it caught my eye

as did the different pieces of driftwood.

I put some of the pictures along with some video clips together in a video I titled "Conversations With Time And Tide".  You can watch it below.

Photography and text (C) by David H. Roche

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