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Sunday, January 18, 2015

The G.W. Bush Memorial Clinic (art by David H. Roche)

The war President and world leader G.W.Bush on May 1, 2003 declared "Mission Accomplished".  He intimated that his forces had defeated the enemy in Iraq.  The American public rejoiced.  This was not a long drawn out war like Vietnam.  This war had been a cakewalk. His "Mission Accomplished" speech can be read here in Wikipedia.

It is now generally understood that he did not mean that the war had been won, but that the purposes of the war had been accomplished. The accomplishment spoken of was the introduction of an era of "Endless War".  The following article in counterpunch explains.

Up to June of 2011 the cost of the war on terror was calculated to be in the ball park of $5 Trillion according to Time magazine.  It's a lot more now.

Have you asked yourself: "who received this money from the American Taxpayer?"  Here is a short list of the profiteers from the endless war on terror provided by the Huffington Post.  

This brings us back to the great war President G.W. Bush.  His heroism during the Vietnam war is well documented making him equipped to lead the nation in the war on terror.  You can read from a fellow Texan about the heroism of G.W. Bush during the Vietnam War.  

The President and his declaration of "Mission Accomplished" has led to large profits for a few corporate entities and this is expected to continue for a long time. The invasion of Iraq is the reason for the rising up of ISIS and the continuing of war profits for war profiteers forever. His friends in the various industries will think fondly of him for quite a long time. You can read about this at "The Real".  

It was thinking about this and the result was that I made the following poster commemorating the "G.W. Bush Memorial Clinic."  Just imagine if G.W. had declared a war on healthcare costs!  This is how I envision it would turn out.  "Mission Accomplished." 

You have to laugh.

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