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Friday, September 11, 2015

I Remember 9 / 11

I remember 9 /11 for a number of reasons. The most important for personal reasons was that 9 /11 was the date of my fathers birth date in another century.  It was also the day our highly trained and incredibly 
expensive  military failed to do it's job protecting the American people.

We saw three high rise steel buildings fall to the ground.  Subsequently a commission to investigate the crime determined that the official story was not in harmony with the facts.

I remember how the Patriot Act having been composed ahead of time was made into law by men and women who did not read it.  I remember when we learned a little of the Patriot Acts abilities that we learned we were not as free as we were the day before it became law.

I remember high ranking officials warning Americans to be careful of what they say.

I remember years of terror alert and increased difficulties in getting from one place to the other.  I remember how the psyche of the American people was filled with fear and hatred of Muslims as a result of the events of 9/11. 

So I made a little video about the gross invasion of our most private areas by government employees.  

Have a nice day.  Enjoy your flight.

*updated a little

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