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Sunday, July 10, 2016

An Attempted Exorcism On The 4th Of July 2016

This blog post was inspired by the events of October21, 1967. 

"An Attempted Exorcism On The 4th Of July 2016"  is a political statement reflecting complete dissatisfaction with the cavalcade of BOZOS offered to the American people to choose from.  This election year has been a joke and it is turning into an insult. God only knows what comes after that.

As for the video I was sitting about 15 feet from the fireworks and used my camera in my phone.  I don't know where that Demon voice came from it just showed up.

So this video is a political farce just like this years selection of candidates to be President.  They give us an entire cast of BOZOS and one long time servant of the war and financial industries to vote for and then have the audacity to tell us we're free because we can vote. If you vote, stop your bitchin' of course you'll be fooled again.

An exorcism is needed don't you think?

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