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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


East Coast Blues

Four a.m.
I have a sense of disembodiment.

My brain remains active, lively
with the sparking electricity of neurons
and synapses; but my body is reduced to trembling.

It's been a hard night
but the load is up; the last truck
has rolled in; now we're out front waiting.

In the parking lot a teenager stumbles
and continues shambling toward the store.
Hands jammed into his pockets, head bent.

I'm headed home.
I wonder where he's off to,
or coming from, this time in the morning.

Stepping from the car
my body vibrates from exhaustion
and fatigue projects me into the stars.

In the chill of the morning air
I wish I was coming home to you in Oregon
where you would rock me in your arms
and take me to sleep.

5/16/05 © David H. Roche. Photograph by David H. Roche

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