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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Haystack Rock on the Oregon Coast

The Pacific is a presence
that captures your mind when you first see it.
On clear days it is pale blue
and speaks of peace and tranquility ....

On days when the

weather is overcast it
becomes sullen and
green, capped with white
frothy waves.

We've come to Cannon Beach to see the monolith known as 'Haystack Rock'. As luck would have it my girl friend and I came to the 'Rock' at the time of a 'minus' tide. This meant that the 'Rock' and its environs were completely accessible.

The 'Rock' rises from the sea floor to a height, when the tide is out, of 235 feet. At its base there is some of the most interesting sea life in the pools that surround it at low tide. These are able to be observed and photographed. Visitors are asked not to touch or interfere with wild life.

In the distance Haystack rock appears.

It was a beautiful warm late April day and there was a 'minus' tide which allowed us to come right up to the 'Rock' itself with little more than slightly wet feet.

The 'Rock' rises abruptly from the ocean floor to a height of 235'. It is a basalt sea stack as are the 'Needles' that appear close by it. The 'Rock' is one of the world's largest naturally occurring monoliths. It is a refuge for several sea birds that return there season after season to breed among these are: Tufted Puffins, Pelagic Cormorants, Pigeon Guillemots, and Western Gulls.

The tidal pools provide an opportunity to observe marine life. Today, with a 'minus' tide we are able to see up close this guy, a starfish. The tidal pools are designated a 'Marine Garden', and as such receive protection from intrusion. You will be fined for disturbing the wildlife here.

I was amazed at the variety of color all over the tidal pool area. Different shades of color and distinct hues were everywhere. A pink starfish clings to the underside of a rock in a tidal pool at the base of 'Haystack Rock'

Behind me is one of the 'Needles'. There are two of them in total and are comprised of the same upward jutting of basalt rock from the ocean floor and provide an eye catching marvel to hold your attention.


chandra said...

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chandra said...

randomly browsing blogs, i came across yours , with beautiful photos and spiritually inclined and thought provoking write ups.

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The Shaman said...

Chandra. Thank you for stopping by. I did look at your site and left a comment. It appears to me that you've got something good going on.


Anonymous said...

Wow, incredible. I havent been to the beach in so long. Maybe its time to go soon.

The Shaman said...

The northern coast of Oregon is one of the most beautiful in the world. (I am in NYS my g/f in Oregon)

Haystack Rock is in Canno Beach a few miles along the coast from Manzanita.

Hope you get to see it.


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