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Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Barn and Its Moods

The barn sits on this corner.
An intersection
where three roads converge
at the top of a hill.

It manifests a silent presence.

Inside, the main timbers are sturdy remnants of tree trunks that long ago were supported by roots producing leaves, and shade. Today, though long dead they still retain their strength and provide a suitable frame for what we can see.
On the outside the barn presents itself differently at different times of the day. In the photograph above it is evening. The mellow sunlight baths it with a soft hue.

Before sunrise,
when the night is leaving
and the day is coming another mood
seems to take possession of it...

... and in the rain yet another aspect comes into play. Light and form become more stark,
more vivid and distinct.

In the sunlight...

... or in the moonlight
I find it there; so much a part
of the landscape it is like a neighbor.
Photographs and text by David H. Roche Copyright 2006

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