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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Along the Roadside

The barn on the corner is at least 80 years old,
young for some of those like it..
It is a timber frame construction. The support beams
are rough hewn portions of what were once tree trunks
and joined with mortise and tenon joints and secured with a hardwood peg.

Timber frame construction is said to have originated as early as 500 BC and reached its present stage of development in the 13th century. Buildings constructed by this method 1000 years ago are still in use today.

In the 1800's with the advent of mass production techniques the standard style of framing used commonly today with 2x4's and nails became the construction standard. But in the 1960's timber frame construction was revived. It's capability to provide a large open living area, with high cathedral type ceilings has proven to be an attractive incentive for choosing this type of construction.

Concerning this particular barn and it's presence on the corner the boards on the outside are a pale faded red and bare in spots; when the sun shines on it at different times of the day it's surface takes on different hues.

It is a sturdy solid relic, an anomaly among the modern barns made of
concrete, treated lumber and flimsy sheetmetal panels.
It seems to owe its existence to the sunrise...

as it emerges from the darkness and

assumes its place on the corner

for another day.

With the sunrise comes

the colors.


Scarlet sumac

in the rose colored light

of a new day makes a breathtaking

sight at sunrise.

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