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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Along The Road The Day Lilies Bloom

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Along The Road The Day Lilies Bloom

Three women stride together
talking between breaths;
all I hear as they pass is;
“does he know?”

(I’m sure he knows.)

Two old men
stand against a car in conversation about the farmer up the road
who lost his crop from the hail the day before;

one is feeble, requiring a cane,
the other an old drinking buddy from high school is more lucky,
his arms are folded across his chest, appearing almost vital.

Day lilies bloom along the road.
They will bloom next year as well;
this summer they will fade and
and appear to die forever…
until next April.

Photographs taken on Silver Street, Cayuga County New York.

Text and photographs Copyright 2008 David H. Roche

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