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Monday, July 07, 2008

Country Roads

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Here on Silver Street life is pretty nice, day or evening. There isn't any war here. We're not killing people for their oil or because our politics demand it. We're just being what humans should be. Enjoying the day and the things that are out there.

Under the summer haze you can see corn and wheat
and the everlasting horizon.
These are the things that matter to me.
I am, after all, a human.

July along the country roads in New York means day lilies
and a lot more than you will see here.

There used to be chicory...

sky blue flowers that, when they grew among the day lilies provided a psychedelic illusion under the hazy blue summer skies. But the county came by and eradicated the chicory as well as most of the day lilies. I'd rather pay the county workers to sit in the garage and play cards and drink beer than to have them cut down the wild flowers. It's a matter of priorities I guess.

The day lilies appear in late March or early April as lime green shoots along the roadside and in the forest glades.

But they become this by the end of June or the first week
of July.

and line the roadsides with breathtaking color.

It's not only day lilies... theres all
kinds of wild flowers that I don't know the name of.

What they have in common is that they catch your eye

and make you stop and look at them.

Just so many colors.

Text and photographs Copyright 2008 David H. Roche

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