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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


The wild geese
announced themselves, waking me

with broken reed notes …
Zen masters honking bop at sunrise

having flown through the night

with directions gathered from every aspect of the cosmos.

I am a shadow on the same screen;
leaving no trail, but going on.


Images of the swan constellation and the other obviously not original material are the product or property of those attributed at the source link.

The remaining text video and photograph are by me, Hermeneutic etc, Copyright 2009 by David H. Roche


Anonymous said...

I love the photo, Dave. And that they don't have to leave a trail behind them to have an ultimate destination. Very fine work. I remember watching for the Canadian geese myself when I lived up your way as a kid.


The Shaman said...

Thanks Carla. Believe me there's more than meets the eye to this thing we call life.

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