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Friday, June 25, 2010

If You Want to Dance ...

you have to pay the fiddler.

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The 'fiddler' and the 'devil' have a scam going. It's called capitalism. It is characterized by placing profits at the top of the list of priorities while placing human well-being way down on the list.

I keep thinking of Jesus and 'the Kingdom of God'
in which the eternal process is set up to keep on keeping on. The 'Father' sees to it that everything gets what it needs to keep on keeping on. That is how Jesus describes the 'Kingdom'.

The interlude we are experiencing now in the Gulf of Mexico,
caused by people whose sole purpose for existence is the acquisition of 'mammon', wealth, stands in direct contrast to the 'Kingdom of God' which Jesus spoke of. Luke 16 seems quite applicable.

There are crazies in this world who have suggested that God blew up the Gulf because the President indicated U.S. policy would not approve of everything that the Zionist state of Israel does any longer.

How crazy can these whacked out evangelicals get? They are used to magic people and hearing voices when no one is there and they kill people on command. Now they want us to believe that no longer kissing a Zionist ass has lead to their God precipitating the Gulf crisis. They seem oblivious to the information in Luke 16. For them profit and gold are good, and what the bible said about those things does not fit into their way of looking at life.

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