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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Signals From The River

Signals From The River

The river fascinates me on many levels. Just its sheer magnitude is awe inspiring. But I feel that its natural wonders are just the surface. The river is an entity, a quality, a metaphor, a presence. Further information at this link.

I regard the river with humbleness. It was here before the cascade mountain range and it will be here after it is re-arranged again. It will be here but changed. The same river but a different river. At the link is a discussion concerning the illusory nature of rivers.

Being in close proximity to the Pacific Ocean the fluctuations of the tide are a commonplace event. Sometimes entire logs will be pushed upstream by the tide. A remarkable sight. Anyone who has piloted a boat on the river knows how difficult the tide can be. The enormous amount of energy exchanged with apparent ease and effortlessness by the universe is apparent every day, twice a day. But as immense as the river and ocean are, something beyond,something other,binds them into an even larger system of interdependent relationships. One can speculate on how long something like this can continue to unravel.

And so it goes, in the most overarching of relationships the interdependence necessary to maintain those relationships is discernible. Nothing can exist in and of itself for very long.

The river is a teacher, Koan, a parable. At the hyperlink is a discussion of the river as a metaphor.

When I came into town the skies were cloudless, the air was warm and breezy. I went to photograph. I always find something that pleases the eye. I found some and brought brought them back to share with you in the video below. Enjoy.

Below is one of the photographs included in the video. It is available for purchase by clicking on the image.

(C) 2012 by David H. Roche

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