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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Is 'Voter Education For All' a national security concern? UPDATE 10/15/2012

Voter Education For All UPDATE:

I posted the initial satire a while back. Today Amy Goodman is reporting on coercion of voters. Click to watch her coverage of this topic. Is this a crude prelude to an all out assault on voter sensibilities? Is it 'free speech' or simple economic thuggery on the part of employers who attempt to influence the voting choice of those economically dependent on them?

This situation is ripe for a worker revelation. (I do mean revelation) In all of this can be seen the operating principles, values and desires of those involved in molding the will of the electoral public.

UPDATED 10/15/2012

Below is the original satire I wrote.

Should we have compulsory voter education as a prerequisite for voter eligibility? The prosperity and security of the nation depend on the success of its business enterprises. As a result this topic is rightly the ultimate concern of the nations leaders.

What do the poor know about business? It is painfully apparent that the poor know nothing about the real world and the way it works. Their lack of knowledge makes their voting a matter of national security. Making sure the poor are educated is therefore a bi-partisan priority.

That is why a coalition of corporately funded charities have developed 'Voter Education For All', a proposed voter re-education program. Republicrat representative from Bumfuck Idaho; Robert Anthony Bastard has introduced it as HS bill 6969.
You can read a brief information piece about Republicrats by clicking this sentence.

Voter Education For All is a charity devoted to providing 'corrective information' designed to re-educate the nations poor voters. Most of the poor do not understand the reason that the 1% need more tax breaks or freedom from prosecution. This bill will remedy that very important deficit in the public mind. It has already passed enthusiastically in the house of representatives and is expected to be received the same way

in the Senate. President Owopaho has said he will sign it into law when it arrives at his desk.

The 'Voter Education For All' program will be implemented at no cost for all of the poor who have not been informed on how to understand things. It will become a mandatory part of all grade school civics classes in both private and public school environments. The goal is to alleviate political discord and enable law makers to simply go about running the affairs of state like an ordinary business.

So the answer to the question "Do you think the poor should be encouraged to vote?" is yes. A well informed voter is an important part of the electoral process. HS6969 will see to it that this important need is filled. Contact your representatives and urge them to vote for this most important voter re-education measure.

WingNutNewsService has offered free airtime to kick-off the program. Watch for their public service spots. Due to the urgency of the danger of voter malfeasance in the voting booth, corporate sponsors have donated their talent from the wide variety of their expertise.

The above is completely fictitious regarding names and events. It should be considered social satire.

(C) 2012 David H. Roche

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