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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Man and Memes and Saving The Children: Satire

Memes are a function of the synergy which naturally occurs within the relationship of consciousness and information. This indicates the nature of memes is spiritual. The relationship of consciousness to information cannot be defined easily by the physical paradigm. It is much more easily imagined within the relationships of consciousness as in a spiritual dimension. With this in mind it is possible to see that memes are tools which can be used for spiritual warfare.

Man is obviously a feature of the universe which has a fixation with God. Man is the only creature known to have conveyed information from one individual to another about God. Man, if not a spiritual creature, is a creature whose existence has not stopped referring to God.

Since we know this for certain about the human race, it seems reasonable to think of humans as partly physical creatures animated as well as motivated by a spiritual impulse.

A look at history will show right away that consciousness has had a more lasting effect on the development of our culture than the physical aspect of the individual human being. The human body slows down and eventually everything associated with it fails.

The mind also fails but the consciousness it has been involved with transcends this inevitability and continues to exist and profligate in other minds. These activities within the relationship in which they occur are an indication of the spiritual nature of man and his being. To glimpse this intuitively, even briefly, with understanding, can be mind-expanding.

Memes have the potential to be incredibly dangerous. Their ability to monopolize consciousness is their most dangerous attribute. Mass media has the ability to introduce memes at a rate calculated to produce shock and awe in human consciousness that is not self-moderated. This makes the ability to identify memes essential. All too often minors and susceptible adults are left to be victimized by the meme production industry through unscrupulous meme distributors.

Children are the nation’s most essential resource for the future. Keeping their minds free from the noisome clatter and clamor of dangerous memes will enable them to grow into healthy self-aware adults. If memes are allowed into their developing minds their purpose of life will be thwarted by the substitutes of the meme dealers. This happens almost 100 percent of the time when a steady diet of memes become part of a child's developing consciousness.

Memes have the potential to be every bit as dangerous as drugs for a young child's mind. Garbage in garbage out is an old maxim. We can ratify the truth of that theory by observing the effect of mass meme consumption on the youth of the present generation.

In the large social context the effect of memes is easily seen in the transference of cultural abhorrence from Russia and Communism to Muslims and Islam. This transference which we all know occurred happened almost seamlessly in the public mind and without the activity of memes would have not been possible.

The change occurred because information was transferred within a system dependent on consciousness. Millions of human minds received the information and interpreted it.

This demonstration of the effectiveness to persuade produced by memes is an indication of the need to take action. It is absolutely imperative that the minds of the nation's children are safeguarded from evil meme predators. Dangerous memes in the minds of the next generation of leaders and followers will of necessity lead to catastrophe.

If we do not Act Now human history may as well kiss its soul good-bye.

If you are not certain how to identify and separate dangerous memes from beneficial information you should begin by familiarizing yourself with the characteristics of memes. Once you can identify something as a meme you will know to be wary.

The video below is a discussion of the nature of memes. The philosopher Dan Dennett on TEDtalks describes memes and their danger. "Infectious Repeatitis" is a symptom of adverse meme infection in a human mind. Most of us have had these symptoms at one time or another. Its effect is devastating.

Click here to read a web article on the memes among us.

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