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Friday, January 18, 2013

Blue Moon At Midnight

Midnight is a time of mystery. In the darkness God is said to have found light, removed the light from the abode of darkness, and begun the act of creation.

I thought of that as this image began to develop. It didn't begin as darkness but it did begin with an incoherent media comprised of colors of the rainbow in a pattern of stripes. One stripe for each color of the rainbow. With the blur tool I smudged and then highlighted the individual colored stripes and began to experiment. I was quite amazed at what appeared.

At some point I saw the image of a pond emerge. It has the features of the pond across the street but that is a co-incidence, the pond in the image never existed. But at that point I began to actively work on making it a pond.

I added the moon behind it. It turned blue accidentally and I left it that way thinking it was in harmony with the way the entire piece was developing.

I added the two ducks. Actually it is the same duck in different layers with the colors inverted. My goal was a 'yin and yang' impression in the midst of bold, diversity of color. I felt the black and white were a complementary anomaly. The heron was an afterthought which I felt was needed for balance.

After the initial image which is lost but consisted only of stripes of the colors of the rainbow which I applied, I eventually arrived at the two images below.

I combined the images to make "Blue Moon At Midnight" which may be purchased in a variety of sizes and frame selections by clicking the image below. You will be taken to where my store is.

Blue Moon At Midnight
Blue Moon At Midnight by Hermenutic
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All work copyright 2013 by David H. Roche

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