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Thursday, January 03, 2013

The Fungus Collectors: Art to start the New Year

I took some pictures while on a visit to Hug Point State Park. The park is dotted with sea caves. Many are accessible and easy to be explored. An essential tool when exploring these sea caves is the use of a tide table. Not a few unsuspecting cave investigators have gotten their feet wet, or worse as a result of not taking the tide to mind.

Below is one of the several caves.

I used only one initial image to make "The Fungus Collectors", the image below. I found an immense amount of possibilities in the patterns left after molten granite hardened into spontaneous designs. I began to discover and enhance what I found in the images.

The Fungus Collectors received its name in a serendipitous flash as I looked at the dark dank shapes of once liquid stone, now frozen into the face of a gnome in a cave on the sea shore.

I saw one distinct face emerge as I zoomed and edited. I said; 'wow' and copied it and used it to make the three. I was quite happy to see it turn out the way it finally did. Hence the designation "The Fungus Collectors # 5".

Below is the initial result. The'gnome' figure on the right simply appeared. I only touched up the very top of the head. The facial appearance is exactly as I found it. I copied it and used it. The entire form has an unusual shape which came about as liquid rock became solid.

The finished product below is available for sale by clicking on the picture. You will be taken to where you can select a size and frame of your choice.

"Dream Time" got it's name from the dreamy state which appeared as I worked on the picture. Several layers are involved. As I worked I remembered hearing of aboriginal myths of the Dream Time and I recalled the story of creatures emerging from inside of the earth into the light of day. So I played with that theme some. The bird in the image is a Turkey Vulture which I added for it's symbolic value.

Below are the two main images I combined to make "Dream Time". I added the 'ocean' in front of it to begin the composition after combining the first two images. So the water was not where it appears it is.

"Dream Time" can be purchased by clicking on the image below. You will be taken to where you can choose a size and frame.

This is another photograph taken at Hug Point. It is what I accomplished by taking a photograph inside one of the sea caves looking outward. I then added an enlarged duplicate of the original and combined them.

You may purchase "Hole In The Wall" by clicking the image below.

Below is a video comprised of several photographs taken at Hug Point State Park on Oregon's North Coast.

All visual images (C) 2013 by David H. Roche

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