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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Carbon Apocalypse: not the only possibility...but the most likely

Update on the 3rd anniversary of the public revelation of BP's work habits in the Gulf of Mexico.  Other communities are finding their pleasant living environment being threatened by energy interests.

Is making natural resources required to maintain life and health unusable a criminal act?

It seems like it ought to be!

Update: Today I received a report from the USGS which is elated at the discovery of the worlds largest recoverable supply of low-sulfur coal. This 'treasure' is another target of enterprise in today's world and it is worth a lot of money.

Will we burn this coal? Will we, the human family, harm our water and air if we choose to mine and burn this coal? If we go ahead and "dig baby dig" would it be appropriate to label such activity as our culture and society committing mass suicide?

The public discourse on whether or not to go ahead and exploit the remaining carbon resources for a quick buck is what prompted me to put together these visual sentiments on the future of a society which has chosen carbon to provide its future energy security.

In Carbon We Trust

In Carbon We Trust by Hermenutic

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The ability to make a populace unable to decide if putting poison into their living space is harmful is a symptom of a dysfunctional democratic society. Its presence requires only blindly following leaders and experts. The leaders and experts have brought them to the point where a "carbon apocalypse" is inevitable. But we sing in unison "drill baby drill" like there's no tomorrow.

A New York Times opinion article by James Hansen Published: May 9, 2012 reveals the waiting catastrophe. A vivid description of the expected calamity is found in an article by Rick Moran at American Thinker. com 

After shaking oneself free from the mind control exerted by experts and leaders it soon becomes obvious our leaders and thinkers have consistently proposed solutions that have made things worse than they were before. Does following their advice make sense anymore? Even without statistics for proof a person who has lived a lifetime knows how badly the leaders and experts have done. A person in control of his mind doesn't need someone to explain what has gone wrong.

Service To The Beast

Service To The Beast by Hermenutic

See more Environment Photography at
I've made a series of prints on the theme of the impending debacle coming down on the people of the world due to the continued use of carbon based energy sources. These can be purchased at This future bearing down on us is too serious a matter to go unmentioned.

There is a department in my store for Environmental Art. As I contemplated the result of pouring poisons into the air, the water supply and the earth itself the following images presented themselves to me. Art From Another Dimension.

The issues at stake involve the future of the earth as a place that is able to support human life.

An energy policy should not require people to make that kind of choice. Some would argue that it is not actually something chosen but something shoved down their throats against their will.

Whatever it is the fact remains that putting poison into the environment insures it will end up in the human body. This should be considered an unacceptable proposition. It almost seems absurd to have to point this out, but we have long since, as a society, lost track of the absolute reality of cause and effect. We appear to believe we can do anything and our actions will never have an effect we need to worry about. Below is a history of what happens when companies are allowed to use the process of 'fracking to extract carbon energy sources.

 is an website dedicated to exposing and solving the dilemma our leaders and their experts have created as our problem to solve if we wish to continue as a species.  Check out the website to determine the problems facing you and your family in the future as a result of our societies devotion to carbon.

Learn how to create & buy custom products at Zazzle   Check out my photography and art at    Art From Another Dimension. I'm continually refreshing the selections and variety of products.

By clicking on the images above you will be taken to where different sizes and frames are available.

The prints are high resolution 600 psi. They are useful for poster size or mailing as postcards. Each reveals the sense of doom staring the earth and its inhabitants in the face. It is not a pretty picture but it's time to face the future and see if it can be changed. It seems like a reasonable activity to spend ones time engaged in.

All original art work (C) 2013 by David H. Roche a Clear Running Water state of mind


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