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Monday, March 11, 2013

Mallard Illusions

I had planned to go for a walk. Before leaving I crossed the street to the pond to take a look. Some days are diamonds and some are stones someone said in a song once. A few moments this afternoon turned out to be pure crystal capable of casting a spell able to be recorded on a digital camera and preserved.

 Well after getting a glimpse of what my camera had seen I abandoned my walk, short as it was, and went back inside to take a closer look. I found the  "Mallard Illusions" I had snagged from the stream of time.  Clicking the highlighted text will take you to my store at and the page "Mallard Illusions" is on.

In just a matter of a few minutes all the images were collected.  You can see how enchanting the illusions are in the video much better than the still shots.  But then the still shots are like shooting an animal. Making it appear alive without movement is a great challenge. The video does not suffer from that handicap and I believe you will agree it is dazzling and illusory.

Each of the images below has been selected from the series of photographs in the video.  I chose the ones I felt best fit the theme.  By clicking on the images you will be taken to where prints and frames may be ordered.

Mallard Illusions # 1

Mallard Illusions # 1 by Hermenutic

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Mallard Illusions # 4

Mallard Illusions # 4 by Hermenutic

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Mallard Illusions # 6

Mallard Illusions # 6 by Hermenutic

Order a photo enlargement online at
Mallard Illusions # 7

Mallard Illusions # 7 by Hermenutic

Find more info about printing large photos

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