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Monday, April 29, 2013

Follow Me To Armageddon

I made a video of some art involving my "Fire People" characters. The theme of the video is the impending presence of chaos and calamity spoken of by the mystic John the Revelator who wrote the book of Revelation in the New Testament.

You can purchase a copy of "Follow Me To Armageddon" and view more of my art at by clicking on the image below. A variety of sizes and prices are available.

Follow Me To Armageddon
Follow Me To Armageddon by Hermenutic
See another museum poster on

In conjunction with the theme I have produced the first in the "Shirley Says" series of environmental art posters.

Shirley Says: "I'm Sorry You Decided On Carbon". It is a bright colorful eye-catching and thought provoking poster sure to begin a conversation. Just the thing every democracy needs.

All images (C) 2013 by David H. Roche

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