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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Political And Spiritual Art" Posters for non-ordinary people

I made the posters below in the first half of May. They are the result of browsing through previously taken photographs and being moved to do something with them. I guess you could say it is the 'vision' I am given.

By 'vision' I mean the lens by which my attention is focused. Or perhaps the logic I use to make sense of things. Either way, the poster art represents something from within coming out.

Because our worldview is maintained by information and distinctions many have the same feelings. We consume the same information which creates a commonly held 'spirit' which is then manifested as our life as people and as a culture. Of course it is not our life. Our life is 'being'. We are not all the many things we think of when we think of our 'life'.

We are not what we do for a living. We are in not inherently associated with the name, the identity, our parents gave us. We are not merely a physical body. Matter is a small portion of our reality. However it is the dimension or perspective of reality in which suffering occurs. As such it gets our attention and claims to be most important of all while being only an infinitesimal portion of the whole experience allowed to us as a result of 'being'

Both Jesus and Buddha understood that the feeling of being stuck in the reality of suffering is the result of an illusion, a snare, a trick of the Deceiver which manipulates our minds. It becomes a trap which keeps us stuck there, a small box in which we live but which we take to be the whole world.

It is with this common condition of suffering in mind that I conceive of the human condition. It is this view which produces the 'vision' by which my art seeks to transcend the illusion.

There are hopes and fears. I have never been hesitant to look a fact in the face and call a spade a spade. Separating illusion from what is, is a full time job. The New Testament refers to the human being as the arena of spiritual warfare where weapons are information. This reinforces the notion that information is a spiritual tool. I try to extrapolate intellectual information into visual images as part of my contribution.

Below is a presentation of the poster art.

The Road to Hell is paved with good intentions an old saying goes. This is the idea inspiring the following poster. It describes the future of world governments mad with the devotion to matter, thinking gold is wealth, but which are poverty stricken in 'Spirit'. Do you really want to hitch a ride with them? Clicking on the highlighted texts below will take you to my store at where you can make a purchase and view other work.

Good Intentions :  Product description.  This poster is represented by the current blog header.  To purchase it or any of the other posters offered click on the highlighted texts.

"Good Intentions" is a poster made from a photograph taken while stuck in traffic and the addition of flames which were from a photograph of trash burning. I have found that photographing flames provides a remarkable media to work with as they seem to writhe and have a life of their own.

The Road to Hell is paved with good intentions is a saying, an idiom, most are familiar with. I used this bit of common understanding to describe the situation the leaders of the world have brought about by taking the side of the banks against the people they govern and dispossess. Thanks to The Free Dictionary.

 This is a bright eye-catching poster designed to smack you in the face and provoke you to think. Enjoy

The Corners Of Consciousness And Light

An elaborate image which began simply with two light samples I had created and used to begin this image. As all my images this one simply developed with no conscious intent and this image resulted. It is interesting to look at and will generate comments for sure. Put it someplace and see what happens.
A fanciful composition. Included are several of my "Fire People" characters. This is a bright colorful unique poster depicting the arrival of a newborn spirit to a community of spirits. They arrive from the Rainbow Realm and come to bless earth. You'll recognize this when you choose to put it on your wall by the way people are affected by it.  It is sure to attract comments. I made this poster at 400 psi and a size of 24 x 24. with a border on all edges. Enjoy.
This is the result of combining two previously finished works and applying some tools. The picture began as a doodle and became a bright colorful 24.67" w x 37" h work of its own with a white border. The poster includes one of my original "Fire People" characters landing on earth at sunrise. The colors shout with glee. Not loudly, more like a laugh. This poster is mysterious and fun resonating with a big "maybe" in everyone's thinking. The psi resolution is 300 psi This poster is fun, fanciful, colorful, and contemporary. Perfect for a child's bedroom or an older sibling's room, recreation room, or office. I know you'll enjoy it.
This image is a composite of simple snapshots taken in my garden. In addition are "Fire People" Jack and Qkjea. I began with an intriguing photographic mistake which turned out right. I almost titled this "Chlorophyll Delivery" but decided on "Photosynthesis". I think that works. Jack and Qkjea add a sense of weirdness and whimsy. But they are beings of light and chlorophyll just wouldn't be right without light. It is made at a size of 24.5" w by 34" h at 400 psi. sure to brighten any room.
Creation is a theme I ponder. In the Creation account of Genesis creation is said to have been accomplished by division. God is said to have separated or divided light from darkness. From light comes 'matter' . We ourselves are composed of 99.999999 % material that is considered not to be matter.
What we call 'matter' and consider important is a small part of what our identity actually is comprised of. The poster began as a doodle and then became a meditation as I saw the forms emerging from darkness.. Read the first chapter of Genesis to get an idea of what I am referring to. We must seek the light which is our ultimate source.

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